37 of the Best ’80s Costumes You Haven’t Seen Before
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37 of the Best ’80s Costumes You Haven’t Seen Before

The ’80s were a heyday of pop culture icons, which is why it’s such a popular source of Halloween costume fodder. But if you’ve spent every Halloween since 1991 dressed up as Madonna, or Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial, it’s time to change up your ’80s outfits a bit. There’s no need to move to the ’70s or ’90s to do it, because we’ve rounded up 37 ’80s Halloween costumes to inspire you to delve back into this generously rad decade.

1. Mrs. Pac-Man: Even if there’s no Mr. Pacman to accompany you, Mrs. Pac-Man is sure to be a hit. Take her out on the town with or without her famous, digital S.O.!

2. Indiana Jones Lego + ’80s Barbie: Here’s a great way to channel two childhood favorites straight out of the ’80s. Legos and Barbies are two American classics without which we wouldn’t be the same.

3. Gameboy: Remember playing on your Game Boy? Its since been revamped, but the original version’s throwback style makes for the perfect ’80s-themed costume inspiration.

4. Greta from Gremlins: Wow, what an amazing recreation of Greta, the uber-fem gremlin from the cute-yet-horrific ’80s flick, Gremlins! From the make-up, to the wig, and all that green body-paint, there are so many ways to have fun recreating this classic.

5. Prince from Purple Rain: Honor the legend with this homage to one of his most celebrated looks from Purple Rain. We miss him already.

6. Stephanie Tanner from Full House: With Fuller House making its way on Netflix this year, the time is right for you to dress as your favorite Full House character this Halloween. If you dress as Stephanie Tanner, it is mandatory to yell “How rude!” all night long.

7. Pee-Wee Herman: It’s been far too long since you last watched Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, hasn’t it? You’ll have a blast re-living Pee-Wee’s quirkiest moments on Halloween night.

8. Bill and Ted: If you haven’t seen Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, go watch it RN. There is no reason not to channel this cult classic, and every reason to dress up as a young Keanu Reeves this Halloween.

9. Boy George: We are living for this on point costume of our fave Culture Club memerb. Let your creativity run wild and spend Halloween night in this get-up. We just love the fabric-in-the-hair.

10. ’80s Party Girl: Homegirl is killing it in her ’80s party-girl style! Fuchsia and teal accents, polyester-up-the-wazoo, statement gloves and shoes, and ruffles-galore — these are just a few reasons to rock this look.

11. Madonna: We are so smitten with this recreation of Madonna’s most classic look, and if you’re a fan of the era, we know you’ll love it, too. Go crazy with white-lace, faux-pearls, and don’t forget the beauty mark.

12. ’80s Style: Don’t even worry — there are more than enough ’80s fashion trends for your entire squad to go around. When else can you mix leg-warmers, off-the-shoulder tops, side-ponies, fabric headbands and scrunchies?

13. Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree: If you grew up with painting pro Bob Ross telling you how to paint “happy little trees,” then you’ll probably feel a bit nostalgic with this one. The costume can be a solo act or a group effort if you have a happy little tree or two. (Photo via C.R.A.F.T)

14. Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz: Tim Burton can do no wrong in our eyes, and Beetlejuice is just proof. If not for Winona Ryder, where would ’80s goth be?

15. Ghostbusters & Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: You can’t have an ’80s roundup without this hilarious film. The littlest character is the cutest possible partner-in-crime for Halloween night! (Photo via The Design Inspiration)

16. Elliot and Gertie from E.T.: If you’d like to rep the classic film as a couple, here’s an option to dress up as the two precious child stars from the flick. Find a third person to dress up as E.T. and you’ve got yourself the makings of a #squadgoal.

17. Marty McFly and Doc Brown: If our calculations are correct, these Back to the Future costumes are the coolest things ever. Not to mention they are easy to recreate. (Photo via Friday We’re In Love)

18. Freddie Mercury: Katy Perry, you fox. Who said celebs didn’t have a great sense of humor? (Photo via Lovelyish)

19. California Raisins: We heard it through the grapevine… that this group costume is totally rad. Just don’t  forget your instruments. (Photo via Coroflot)

20. Rosie from The Jetsons: We found a sexy Rosie costume online and that just seemed wrong. Please do that mechanical maid justice with a big boxy costume like this one. (Photo via Mari Moon)

21. Clue: Clue is one of the all-time best group costumes, period. Camille Styles threw a Clue-themed, whodunnit dinner party where everyone dressed to the nines, but you could also go authentic and model your characters after the hilarious ’80s film. (Photo via Camille Styles)

22. Fraggle Rock ($40): Throw your cares away! Why? You’ve found your costume.

23. Salt-N-Pepa: Those jackets are incredibly accurate and where can we get them?! (Photo via Refinery29)

24. Ghostbusters: Why be a ‘buster when you can be the ghost? Haunting is so much more fun. (Photo via College Humor)

25. Treasure Trolls: Using wigs, a ton of hairspray and nude American Apparel dresses, you can be a Treasure Troll in no time flat. (Photo via American Apparel)

26. Alf: Hide yo cats. (via Dos Family)

27. She-Ra: We used to run around our backyard pretending to be the Princess of Power… so dibs on this one. (Photo via He Man)

28. Zoltar: This amazingly accurate Zoltar booth costume from Big was built around a working Segway. Be careful it doesn’t turn you 15 again, because whoa. (Photo via Makezine)

29. School Picture Day: Complete with accurate 1st grader smiles, this girl knows how to stay in character. She also knows her way around a laser backdrop. (Photo via Moth)

30. E.T.: You can go the usual E.T. costume route with a red hoodie and a bicycle basket, or you can really make an impact with a full E.T. suit that’s gonna make everyone want to phone home… and talk about the crazy E.T. they just saw. (Photo via Costume Works)

31. Chucky: You’re welcome for all the nightmares. (via All That’s Epic)

32. Princess Bride ($35): As far as group costumes go, there are quite a few options if you happen to have a giant, someone that does amazing accents and a dread pirate among your clique.

33. Robert Palmer Girls: No smiling allowed. Red Lips are a must. (Photo via Katherine Power)

34. Cassette ($35): Does anyone even know what these do anymore?

35. Jem: You’re going to want to collect pink everything starting now. Go solo or jam with the Holograms! (Photo via FireLilyCosplay)

36. Weekend at Bernie’s: If you win a costume contest this year, we’d like a shoutout in your acceptance speech. (Photo via Garment District)

37. Rainbow Brite + the Color Kids: Of course, we couldn’t forget the most colorful ’80s costume of them all — Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids will never go out of style. (Photo via AC Paradise)

What’s the most unique ’80s costume you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments!