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Misty Spinney leads production and styling here at Brit + Co. She's a hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist with a strong background in design and deep passion for creativity.

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Misty Spinney

The 2-Step Trick That Will Overhaul Your Night-Out Makeup Routine

This is mind-blowingly simple.

Misty Spinney

The Lazy Girl Trick for Styling Glamour Waves in 4 Steps

No matter your hair texture, follow these four easy hacks.

Misty Spinney

2 Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Nailing Amy Schumer's Emmys Smokey Eye

The now-infamous look is SO DIYable.

Misty Spinney

How to Turn Kylie Jenner's 18th Birthday Makeup into Your 30th Birthday Look

10 steps to looking like a total bombshell for your big bash.

Misty Spinney

This Foundation Hack Will Cut Your Makeup Routine in Half

Get ready to simplify and look ***flawless.

Misty Spinney

These Beauty Products Will Make Sure You Wear SPF After Summer

Stay flawless and protected, lovelies.

Misty Spinney

This Event Is Your Gateway to Naturally Radiant Skin, and You're Invited!

Why you should be at this beauty game-changer.

Misty Spinney

How to Make Inside Out Characters for an Epic Group Halloween Costume

Let your emotions get the best of you.

Misty Spinney

Beauty Mythbuster: Can You Use Cocoa Powder as Fake Tanner?!

Did you say cocoa powder tan?!?!

Misty Spinney

You Don't Have to Wait Till the Holidays to Wear This Shimmery Smokey Eye

The chic way to shimmer up.

Misty Spinney

Bye Bye, Waves! The Latest Celebrity Hair Trend Will Totally Change Your Routine

Dust the cobwebs off your good ol’ flat iron.

Misty Spinney

The 5-Minute Messy Ponytail All Curly Haired Girls Need to Know About

Game changer!

Misty Spinney

Amy Schumer's 5-Minute Messy Braid Is Perfect Back-to-School Hair Inspo

+ you can DIY it in 5 minutes flat!

Misty Spinney

3 of the Easiest No-Heat Hairstyles to Wear Right Now

Put DOWN the hot tools — here's why you don't need them this summer.

Misty Spinney

Contour With the Makeup You Already Own in Just 5 Minutes

Seriously. It's that easy.

Misty Spinney

Stop! You Are Totally Blotting Your Lips Wrong!

Put down the tissue paper.

Misty Spinney

You Only Need This 1 Product to Take Your Makeup from Day to Date

This is a busy-girl lifesaver!

Misty Spinney

3 Easy Ways to Style No-Heat Beach Waves Without the Beach

No curling iron or flat iron required!

Misty Spinney

Beauty Mythbuster: Is This #Hashtag Really the Secret to Your Perfect Smokey Eye?

#beautyhack or #beautyfail? Find out!

Misty Spinney

This Is the Trick to Getting the Easiest Manicure EVER

How we're DIYing our nails for the rest of summer.

Misty Spinney

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live Without This Hair Product

This will solve SO many hair probs.

Misty Spinney

How to DIY Taylor Swift's Badass Bad Blood Group Costumes

Best group costumes idea EVER.

Misty Spinney

The Easiest Way to Cover Up Tan Lines + A Splotchy Chest

Get a faux glow without the fuss.

Misty Spinney

7 Hair Products You'll Find in Beauty Bloggers' Bathrooms

Bethany Mota, Mr. Kate, Naptural85 and more share the deets.