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Misty Spinney leads production and styling here at Brit + Co. She's a hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist with a strong background in design and deep passion for creativity.

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Misty Spinney

3 Easy Ways to Style No-Heat Beach Waves Without the Beach

No curling iron or flat iron required!

Misty Spinney

Beauty Mythbuster: Is This #Hashtag Really the Secret to Your Perfect Smokey Eye?

#beautyhack or #beautyfail? Find out!

Misty Spinney

This Is the Trick to Getting the Easiest Manicure EVER

How we're DIYing our nails for the rest of summer.

Misty Spinney

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live Without This Hair Product

This will solve SO many hair probs.

Misty Spinney

How to DIY Taylor Swift's Badass Bad Blood Group Costumes

Best group costumes idea EVER.

Misty Spinney

The Easiest Way to Cover Up Tan Lines + A Splotchy Chest

Get a faux glow without the fuss.

Misty Spinney

7 Hair Products You'll Find in Beauty Bloggers' Bathrooms

Bethany Mota, Mr. Kate, Naptural85 and more share the deets.

Misty Spinney

3 No-Heat Ways to Style Wet Hair in the Summertime

Keep cool and carry on.

Misty Spinney

Bethany Mota, Christina Milian + More Share Top Drugstore Beauty Buys + Splurges

Your fave beauty bloggers have some secrets to share.

Misty Spinney

The Makeup Brush-Free Guide to Getting a Flawless Face

The zero-tools (!) way to put on your everyday makeup.

Misty Spinney

3 NEW Ways to Do the Most Popular Braid on Pinterest

This is gonna be *the* look of the summer.

Misty Spinney

Beauty Mythbuster: Does DIY Dry Shampoo for Brunettes REALLY Work?

Should darker-haired ladies even *try* to DIY dry shampoo? The results may surprise you!

Misty Spinney

7 Easy Hacks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger + Brighter

Ready to nail Bambi eyes 101?

Misty Spinney

How to Get the Latest Red Carpet Hair Trend in 5 Minutes

This one's a Lazy Girl's BFF.

Misty Spinney

3 Day-to-Night Makeup Hacks to Steal from Your Fave Celebs on the Red Carpet

Take your everyday makeup to awards show level for your next night out.

Misty Spinney

Here's Everything You Need for the Ultimate Vacation Makeup Makeover

The beach babe's guide to what to pack + what to leave at home.

Misty Spinney

This Is What a Week Drinking, DIYing and Beautifying With Apple Cider Vinegar Is Like

I drank bottles of it so you don't have to. But you might want to after reading this.

Misty Spinney

Short Hair? DO Care About These 3 Updos for Bridesmaids With Short Hairstyles!

How to get an updo even if you just chopped off your locks.

Misty Spinney

How to Hack the New Naked Palette Using Drugstore Makeup

You can thank us later (or now)

Misty Spinney

This Easy Braid Is the 5-Minute Trick to Upgrading Second-Day Hair

It'll be your beach waves' best friend all summer long.

Misty Spinney

Beauty Mythbuster: Can You Use White Eyeliner to Make Eyeshadow Last Longer?

Is adding this step to your routine worth it?

Misty Spinney

Beauty Mythbuster: Should You Make Your Own Makeup Remover Wipes?

You just might want to hold off buying that next pack of wipes.

Misty Spinney

3 5-Minute Buns That Aren't Boring

And you can rock them all summer long!

Misty Spinney

Charlize Theron's Hair Hack Will Add a Glam Twist to Your Next Fancy 'Do

DIY her fab Cannes look in just 5 steps.