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Misty Spinney leads production and styling here at Brit + Co. She's a hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist with a strong background in design and deep passion for creativity.

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Misty Spinney

How to Hack Your Makeup in Multiple Ways

THIS is how to get the most out of your makeup.

Misty Spinney

Reinvent Your Favorite '90s Ponytail With This Easy Tutorial

It could even be a cuter way to wear your hair to the gym.

Misty Spinney

How to Get Margot Robbie's Oscars Makeup for Your Next Date Night

'Cause how could you *not* want to look like her?

Misty Spinney

Get Dakota Johnson's Oscars Smokey Eye in Just 5 Steps

It's the most perfect date night makeup. Period.

Misty Spinney

Beauty Mythbuster: Can You Really Cover Dark Circles With Red Lipstick?

'Scuse us while we bust this beauty myth right now.

Misty Spinney

How to DIY the Chicest Hairstyle of Oscars Night in 5 Minutes Flat

It's seriously that simple to look supermodel chic.

Misty Spinney

How to Style Your Lob like Emma Stone Did at the Oscars

This is how you'll want to elevate your locks for your bestie's wedding.

Misty Spinney

How to Make Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup Looks Modern

Marilyn. Audrey. Bette. Grace. Who's *your* classic beauty muse?

Misty Spinney

5 One-Minute Ponytail Hacks Straight from NYFW Runway

Get model-approved hair in 60 seconds flat.

Misty Spinney

My Week Wearing Crazy Lip Trends You're Too Afraid to Try IRL

Think you can't wear ombre and two-toned lips to work? Think again.

Misty Spinney

3 Ways to Hack Plumped-Up, Multi-Dimensional Lips

You'll never guess how easy it is to get a plumper pout.

Misty Spinney

How to Skip the Spa and DIY a Date Night In

DIY the most romantic date night in ever.

Misty Spinney

How to Pair Your Lip Color With Your Dress (for All Skin Tones!)

You've got the dress, now find your perfect red lip match!

Misty Spinney

How to DIY the Hottest Grammys Red Carpet Cat Eye Trends

You're just an eyeliner away from achieving Taylor and Nicki levels of beauty greatness.

Misty Spinney

The Lazy Girl’s Trick to #WokeUpLikeThis Beyoncé Waves

No, you really *can* wake up like dis.

Misty Spinney

The Trick to Getting Red Carpet Lashes Like Your Fave Celebs

This little beauty hack will quickly become your GNO favorite.

Misty Spinney

How to Get Bouncy, Touchable Curls in 5 Easy Steps

The ultimate date night down 'do.

Misty Spinney

The Dos and Don'ts of Date Night Makeup

Some may totally surprise you.

Misty Spinney

20 of the Most Kissable Lipstick Tricks + Products

Pucker up, babes!

Misty Spinney

Beauty Quicky: How to Fake a Blowout in 5 Minutes

The perfect pick-me-up when you're rushing between work and your GNO.

Misty Spinney

Beauty Quicky: DIY the Easiest Winter Eyeshadow Ever

Hone in on that perfectly shimmering white shadow to look gorgeous on a cold winter day (or even better: a hot winter date night!).

Misty Spinney

Base Makeup: 4 Steps to Getting a Flawless Face

Essential tips to streamlining your getting-ready routine.

Misty Spinney

3 Easy, 5-Minute Hairstyles Using Emma Stone's Metal Barrette

You can wear these chic, three-step hairstyles hairstyles anywhere.

Misty Spinney

This Date Night Makeup Will Flatter EVERY Skin Tone

The sexy bold eye + bold lip combination you've been waiting for.