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Misty Spinney leads production and styling here at Brit + Co. She's a hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist with a strong background in design and deep passion for creativity.

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Misty Spinney
The Ultimate DIY Beauty Gift Guide for 2015

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Misty Spinney
Here Is Everything You Need for a Post-Thanksgiving Skin Detox

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Misty Spinney
Here Is the in-Flight Beauty Routine You Should Swear By

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The 5-Minute Updo That Will Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face Through Dinner (+Beyond!)

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Misty Spinney
5 Beauty DIYs You Can Make With Thanksgiving Leftovers (!!)

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Misty Spinney
This Celeb Lip Color Trend Breaks a Big Winter Beauty Rule

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Misty Spinney
Rooney Mara’s PonyBun Is the Easiest Updo You Can ACTUALLY Do

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Misty Spinney
How to Master a "Smoothout," a Blowout You Can Actually Do at Home

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Misty Spinney
Beauty Confession: I Ditched My Face Cream for THIS

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Misty Spinney
Beauty Mythbuster: Is Kylie Jenner's Mascara Hack a Beauty Win or a Beauty Fail?

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Misty Spinney
Stop! Short-Haired Girls, You Are Totally Using the Wrong Curling Iron

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Misty Spinney
Beauty Mythbuster: Is Eyeshadow Really the Secret Product for Fuller Hair?!

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Misty Spinney
How to DIY the Top 5 Britney Spears Looks for Halloween

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Misty Spinney
This Makeup Video Is the Perfect Princess Costume Inspo for ALL Women

Being whoever you want to be is the best part about dressing up.

Misty Spinney
Saved by the Bell = Best Group Halloween Costume Ever

Saved By The Bell costumes to the Nine!

Misty Spinney
Halloween Makeup 101: How to Nail Cry Makeup That Is Still Pretty

Seriously, only FOUR steps!

Misty Spinney
The 5 Best DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween 2015

From DIY to buy, these couples' costumes will definitely win that costume contest.

Misty Spinney
How to Do (Easy!) Pop Art Makeup for Halloween

8 easy steps even YOU can do!

Misty Spinney
5 Ways to Rock Katy Perry's Most Unique Looks for Halloween

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Misty Spinney
The 2-Step Trick That Will Overhaul Your Night-Out Makeup Routine

This is mind-blowingly simple.

Misty Spinney
The Lazy Girl Trick for Styling Glamour Waves in 4 Steps

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Misty Spinney
2 Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Nailing Amy Schumer's Emmys Smokey Eye

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Misty Spinney
How to Turn Kylie Jenner's 18th Birthday Makeup into Your 30th Birthday Look

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Misty Spinney
This Foundation Hack Will Cut Your Makeup Routine in Half

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