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Misty Spinney leads production and styling here at Brit + Co. She's a hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist with a strong background in design and deep passion for creativity.

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Misty Spinney

Base Makeup: 4 Steps to Getting a Flawless Face

Essential tips to streamlining your getting-ready routine.

Misty Spinney

3 Easy, 5-Minute Hairstyles Using Emma Stone's Metal Barrette

You can wear these chic, three-step hairstyles hairstyles anywhere.

Misty Spinney

This Date Night Makeup Will Flatter EVERY Skin Tone

The sexy bold eye + bold lip combination you've been waiting for.

Misty Spinney

How to Wear a Straight-Off-the-Red-Carpet Purple Smokey Eye IRL

Here's how to tame the purple haze for everyday, real girl wear.

Misty Spinney

Get Emily Blunt's Romantic Golden Globes Braid

Learn how to DIY this majorly sophisticated look.

Misty Spinney

Get Allison Williams' Golden Globes Hair in 4 Steps

Learn how to style Allison's bombshell asymmetrical bob for your next formal fête.

Misty Spinney

The Makeup Trick to Getting Glowing Skin in the Winter

Because let’s face it: Having a golden tan during this time of year won’t fool anyone.

Misty Spinney

15 Must-Try Beauty Trends from the People's Choice Awards

From wine-stained lips to up-to-the-heavans hair.

Misty Spinney

How to DIY Full, Natural Brows like Lea Michele

Here, we're showing you how to fake a full brow you can wear daily with just four essential products.

Misty Spinney

8 Beauty Hacks to Hide Your Holiday Party Hangover

Follow this morning after regimen to get your game face back, hair of the dog not included.

Misty Spinney

5-Minute Braid: DIY Cara D's Side Braid for Your Holiday Party

Pull off Cara D's signature side braid in just five minutes.

Misty Spinney

3 Ways to Wear Fake Eyelashes From 9 to 5

Learn the lash tricks that will seal the deal on your new everyday beauty staple.

Misty Spinney

3 Easy Ways to DIY Full Kylie Jenner Lips

Learn three simple ways to transform your lips into a perma-pucker.

Misty Spinney

3 Ways to Wow With Glitter Makeup at Your Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season to bust out those vials of glitter and get your dazzling eye game on!

Misty Spinney

11 Beauty and Skincare Essentials for Winter Brides

You're going to need more than a veil to protect your skin from the cold.

Misty Spinney

11 Trending Hair Colors You Should Try This Winter

Here are 11 examples of where you may be with your current hair color + where you can go to turn up the color just so.

Misty Spinney

5 Last Minute Costumes Using 5 Materials You Can Find ANYWHERE

Last minute much? We've got FIVE costumes you can make with materials you already have!

Misty Spinney

How to DIY the Queen of Hearts Using Makeup You Already Own

Angling to become the Queen of Hearts this Halloween? We've got a tutorial for you -- using makeup you already own!

Misty Spinney

16 Ways to Rock a Wig This Halloween

Halloween is T-minus five days away! But if you're still at a loss for a costume, don’t wig out — er, actually, that's exactly what we want you to do!…

Misty Spinney

The 10 Makeup Essentials for Halloween (+ Beyond!)

From the stuff beauty pros like me can’t live without even after the 31st to bold palettes you’ll pull out every time you play dress up, these products will slay…

Misty Spinney

20 10-Minute Halloween Hair Hacks

We've got 20 Halloween hairstyles that take your costume from zero to hero in a matter of minutes.

Misty Spinney

Halloween Makeup 101: The Completely Creepy CLOWN!

Want to creep out everyone you know?

Misty Spinney

6 Genius DIY Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes

Dressing up with your mini this year? Here are 6 clever costumes you can make.

Misty Spinney

Halloween Makeup 101: The Fairest Woodland Fairy in All the Land

For this installment of Halloween Makeup 101, we decided to create a pretty, natural, woodland-inspired fairy look.