Brit Morin

As Seen on the Today Show: Introducing Our New Book, Homemakers

I jetted to New York to tell the folks at Today all about our book!

Anjelika Temple

#iamcreative: Why 4 Inspiring Makers Love to Make

Do you love to make? What does the making process look like for you?

Anjelika Temple

#iamcreative: 4 Makers That Will Inspire You to Make Something

We’ve been seriously swooning over what we’re calling “Adult Etch-a-Sketch” ever since we experimented with DIY glass etching this past summer. For this project, we’ll show you how to make…

Roxy Taghavian

This Might Be the Best Two-in-One Gift Wrap Hack EVER

Where would we be without Cotton? Still covering ourselves in leaves and animal skins most likely.

Anjelika Temple

3 Quick Festive Projects for the Modern Holiday Hostess

The holidays are here! And we're making, baking and shaking up a storm here at Brit HQ. While the 3D printers are busy printing ornaments for the half dozen trees…

Roxy Taghavian

Must-Haves for the Ultimate Holiday Gift Wrap Station

Here's everything you need to create the ultimate holiday gift wrap station.

Anjelika Temple

2 Ways to Turn a Classic White T-Shirt into a Chic Scarf

For this project, in partnership with Cotton, we decided to turn two white cotton t-shirts into two totally different scarves.

Brit Morin

Watch Now: #iamcreative, a 2-Minute Manifesto on Creativity

Listen up: 77% of adults want to be creative, but don't know where to start. We're here to help.

Anjelika Temple

As Seen on the Today Show: 10 Must-Make Back to School Projects

Back to School is just around the corner! But school supplies don’t have to be expensive -- here are 10 creative ways to add your own DIY spin on a…

Anjelika Temple

3 Ways to DIY Your Back to School Bags

We teamed up with Velcro Industries to create a trio of matching bags that can easily be customized for any style.

Anjelika Temple

5 Summer Treats With a Coffee Twist

For our next installment of caffeinated culinary creativity, we’re turning to that summery sweet we all know and love: ice cream!

Anjelika Temple

3 Simple Ways to Create a Chic Mobile for Your Nursery

As avid Brit + Co readers know, our very own founder Brit Morin is expecting her own bundle of joy this fall! To prep, we're all scouring the web for…

Anjelika Temple

6 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Iced Coffee

When it comes to coffee, it should be no surprise that we like to keep things creative around here. From adding sprinkles (oh yes) to mixing in rosewater and cardamom,…

Anjelika Temple

Make Amazing Things, Win $5,000 -- Here’s How!

Hello fellow DIY-ers! We're here to announce something seriously exciting. We've teamed up with Scotch to inspire all of you to make amazing things! As part of their Make Amazing…

Anjelika Temple

4 Cupcake Decorating Techniques Everyone Should Know [VIDEO]

When it comes to sweets, we’re into vibrant colors almost as much as deliciousness. So when we can combine the two, you know we're all about it ;) For this…

Anjelika Temple

Epic DIY Alert! How to Make Balloon Art with Your Kids

Ever walked into the MoMA and thought to yourself, "Hey, my kid could totally make that!" Us too! So, to celebrate Mother's Day and the recent launch of our Kids…

Anjelika Temple

How to Throw the Most Colorful Fiesta-Themed Fête Ever!

Y'all ready for this? We are throwing down, color explosion style. And you know who our partner in all of this is? Method, of course! For this next installment of…

Brit Morin

As Seen on the Today Show: DIY Projects That Can Save You Big Bucks

If you’re looking to cut down your costs, look no further than a bit of DIY. And don’t worry, just because you’re doing it yourself, doesn’t mean it has to…

Brit Morin

As Seen on The Today Show: Common Household Cleaning Myths

Spring cleaning season is upon us! And if you're thinking about doing a full house (hehe!) cleaning session, you might be interested in trying a few natural home remedies before…

Cecelia Cox

Lights, Camera, and Our Favorite Moments from Re:Make 2013

Even though we announced our Re:Make 2014 dates on Monday, we're still not quite done celebrating Re:Make 2013. And, while you've seen our 66-second recap, today we're excited to share…

Brit Morin

Brit Chats With the Inventors of the World's First 3D Printer for Clothes

Imagine a world where you walk into your closet, push a button, and out pops a freshly made outfit to wear. Sound like the Jetsons? Well, it might not be…

Brit Morin

Introducing a New Idea From Brit HQ -- Tell Us What You Think!

Hello ladies (and occasional gentlemen)! I want to run something by all of you guys. And instead of writing it out, I thought I'd say it human-to-human. So please watch…

Brit Morin

As Seen on the Today Show: Uncommon Uses for Common Household Objects

You know we love us a good hack on an item you think you already know, which is I popped over to The Today Show this morning to show the…

Brit Morin

30-Minute DIY: How to Custom Etch Glass Jars

We've been seriously swooning over what we're calling "Adult Etch-a-Sketch" ever since we experimented with DIY glass etching this past summer. For this project, we'll show you how to make…