Cinnamon, Spice & 12 Recipes that Are Oh-So-Nice
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Cinnamon, Spice & 12 Recipes that Are Oh-So-Nice

Sure the saying is about sugar and spice, but we think cinnamon is one of those flavors that goes perfectly with both sugar and spice so we’re taking advantage of creative license and making up our own saying. To continue our foray into fall flavors, here are 12 recipes that make creative use of cinnamon.

1. Cinnamon Apple Fruit Leather:  Homemade fruit leather is something we have yet to try at Brit HQ, but we’re definitely intrigued. (Recipe and photo: Savory Simple

2. Apple Cinnamon Pop Tarts: Speaking of childhood snacks all grown up, we’re loving the look of these homemade apple cinnamon pop tarts. (Recipe and photo: Baked By Rachel)

3. Spiced Pumpkin Kiss Cookies: Pumpkin season is a good old time. We’ve got Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkintinis, pumpkin-flavored beers, and pumpkin Hershey Kisses. Put those kisses to even better use with these adorable pumpkin kiss cookies. (Recipe and photo Buttercream Blondie

4. Cinnamon Walnut Cashew Butter: It’s no secret that nut butters are all the rage. In fact, we’ve been known to mix up our own walnut butter on occasion here at Brit HQ. Love this dolled up walnut butter featuring cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt. (Recipe and photo: Pickles & Honey)

5. Cinnamon Brown Sugar Ice Cream: So basically this is cinnamon toast in ice cream form. Adding this to the ice cream recipe box for sure. (Recipe and photo: Brittany Powell)

6. Cinnabon Fudge: The idea of using official Cinnabon sprinkles and flavored syrup to infuse your fudge with Cinnabon-y goodness is genius, and this recipe also calls for marshmallow fluff. (Recipe and photo: Shugary Sweets)

7. Luscious Blueberry Cinnamon Smoothie: Cinnamon is the perfect way to add a bit of spice to your morning smoothie. Might have to try our PB+J smoothie with a cinnamon twist. (Recipe and photo: Black Dog Food Blog)

8. Plantation Iced Tea: Iced tea, especially the kind you make at home, can definitely become monotonous. Mix things up by adding mint, lime, cinnamon, lemongrass, and pineapple to your next batch. (Recipe and photo: Aida Mollenkamp)

9. Roasted Cinnamon Plums: First of all, take a look at that picture again. That’s right. Roasted plums topped with toasted marshmallows. Delicious! (Recipe and photo: Saucy Pants

10. Cinnamon Water: Wait a minute. Cinnamon in water? What a perfect autumnal way to drink more water and actually enjoy it! (Recipe and photo: The Kitchn

11. Oaxacan Cinnamon Chocolate Macarons: These look outrageously delicious, with a killer combination of slightly spicy Mexican chocolate and cinnamon. Yum. (Recipe and photo: Food 52)

12. Raw Cinnamon & Apple Crackers: And finally, a raw dessert. This recipe requires a food dehydrator and looks as tasty as it is healthy. (Recipe and photo: Love Raw)

What are your favorite cinnamon recipes? Let us know in the comments below!