15 Crazy MTV Movie Awards Outfits That Your Memory Has Blocked
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15 Crazy MTV Movie Awards Outfits That Your Memory Has Blocked

Ah, the MTV Movie Awards — it’s where best kiss dreams are made (Selma and Sarah, Rachel and Ryan), epic stunts and speeches are performed and fashion all but takes over the show. That’s because when it comes to MTV, stars show up wearing anything — and we do mean AN. EE. THANG. — they want, and the results are nothing short of eye-popping. From Xtina’s Moulin Rouge-era lion’s mane and bustier to Katy Perry’s bright blue wig, it’s thrilling to speculate on who will show up wearing the year’s most insane outfit, because, let’s face it, there’s always at least ONE. In honor of Sunday’s show (8 pm), take a look back at the absolute craziest looks yet below.

1. Halle Berry: Is Halle Berry on her way to the beach or the 2000 MTV Movie Awards? It’s really anyone’s guess. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Image Direct)

2. Denise Richards: That hair. That belly chain belt thing. That tube top. So 2000’s! (Photo by Kevin Winter/Image Direct)

3. Christina Aguilera: Long before the pop star was doling out invaluable advice on The Voice, she (and her mounds of two-toned hair) were walking MTV’s red carpet in a corset, lace-up crotch corduroy pants and gold bling. (Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty)

4. Paris Hilton: Spray tanning reigned supreme in 2003, as did asymmetric crop tops and belly button jewelry, all of which Paris helpfully modeled at that year’s awards. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty)

5. Kelly Hu: Kelly Hu’s 2004 Movie Awards look was vaguely…familiar, believe it or not. A Canadian tuxedo modded as a studded split skirt with fishnets, hot pink accents and biker babe boots? Someone was clearly feeling Brit-Brit and Justin’s infamous matching denim ensembles at the 2001 American Music Awards. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty)

6. Samaire Armstrong: We’re not even sure how to describe the getup Samaire donned at the 2004 awards: Hobo chic? Saccharine schoolgirl? I woke up late and threw this on? I mean, what IS this? Oh right, what we wore in high school! (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty)

7. Victoria Beckham: Never one to shy away from the limelight, Posh Spice used her God-given assets (along with a neon pink brassiere) as the ultimate accessories to her zebra mini, amping up her look even further with a trendy blonde pixie cut. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty)

8. Lucy Walsh: Before Gaga, there was Lucy Walsh, who showed up to the 2008 awards swathed in this technicolor loofah, for lack of a better term. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty)

9. Sacha Baron Cohen: The funnyman walked the red carpet as his alter ego, Brüno, in 2009 in a leopard leotard… leaving precious little to the imagination. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty)

10. Lauren Conrad: These days, LC’s all prim and polish, but in 2009, our gal got a bit edgy in this dark mini tulle dress with dominatrix sandals. Yowza! (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty)

11. Katy Perry: Katy’s now iconic blue wig walked the red carpet atop this Britney-style sheer dress with strategically placed rhinestones. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty)

12. Ken Jeong: Not to be outdone, the comedian followed in Sascha’s footsteps the following year in… well, this. A who-wore-it-best of epic proportions, to be sure. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty)

13. Hana Mae Lee: Hana Mae Lee at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards: Things that make you go, hmmmm. Is this a political statement? A fashion trend gone wrong? A who wore it best, me or the ashtray? We’ll let you be the judge. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty)

14. Kesha: One part goth, one part Boho-chic, Kesha was nothing if not memorable at the 2013 awards. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

15. Bai Ling: Last year, Bai Ling showed up as a warrior dragon, and oddly enough, we’re kind of into it! It’s certainly character appropriate, and after all, if you can’t show up in full armored costume here, where can you? (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty)

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