There’s A Faster Way to Make Elegant Calligraphy
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There’s A Faster Way to Make Elegant Calligraphy

We all love calligraphy. It’s that envious skill that looks so pretty as you scroll through your Instagram feed. We’re constantly admiring the work of all the awesome calligraphers out there. Just check out the Instagram accounts of Lauren Essl or Jessica Peddicord for inspiration. And you’d love to have those creative skills too, right? Well, you can! You can start by taking our beginner Calligraphy 101 Online Class today.

BUT if you’re not ready to jump right in and buy all the calligraphy supplies, a great way to start is with fauxligraphy. So *what’s* fauxligraphy, you say? Basically, it’s calligraphy using just a pen or Sharpie. No ink or nibs needed!

And lucky you, we have a new fauxligraphy class taught by Alyssa Thiel of Parris Chic. If you haven’t already admired her boutique, make sure to do so. And when your heart is fluttering with ideas on how to use pretty handwritten quotes in home decor, come back and spring for her Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy Online Class. Because Alyssa will teach you exactly how she does it, and you’ll walk away with a cute hand-designed coffee mug while you’re at it. Score!

In Alyssa’s fun and inspiring course, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Turn your everyday handwriting into a calligraphy style unique to you
  2. Use basic strokes and movements to connect letters and make words
  3. Transfer your finished designs onto various surfaces (like a mug!) to make fancy gifts


After taking this class, you can follow in Alyssa’s footsteps and make home decor designs of your own. You’ll have the creative skills to create unique throw pillows, wall art, wine carriers and more. The possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy Online Class today. You’ll get access to an exclusive nine-page downloadable workbook that includes a practice alphabet print out, a stroke guide, a grid print out and more!

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