We’re Obsessed: 10 Glowing Geek Chic Gowns

As we gear up for the Oscars, we’ve got something besides award-worthy movies on our minds: What will our favorite fashionistas wear?! From Carrie Underwood’s projection-mapped Grammys dress to Katy Perry’s color-changing frock, here are 10 glowing gowns that take wearable tech to a decidedly high-fashion level.

1. Black and Red LED Dress: Leave it to Rihanna to kick off the LED dress craze. Love the minimal look of this gown.

2. Aurora Borealis Dress: Can’t have LEDs without a little pixelated action, can we?

3. Light-Up Tron Dress: Inspired by Tron, this dress is best worn while rocking out to Daft Punk.

4. The Projection-Mapped Dress: Who says projection mapping is just for buildings? Carrie Underwood’s techie ensemble wowed folks at the Grammys and included projected images of butterflies, roses, stars, and more.

5. Color-Changing Dress: Katy Perry really is a firework! (Too much pun for you?) In any case, this dress was made with 3,000 color-changing LED lights. Amazing.

6. Luminex Illuminated Gown: You know what they say about glowing at your wedding ;)

7. The Twitter Dress: Designed for former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, this dress is made of chiffon, Swarovski crystals, and LED lights. To send a public tweet, fans could send a direct message to her Twitter account and it would show up on the dress!

8. Ravishing LED Roses: This definitely has us thinking about an LED corsage.

9. The Nemo Dress: Might need to try DIYing this with our old tube lights from college.

10. Glowing Tube Dress: Designed by Hussein Chalayan, this is a slightly more subtle take on the LED dress. We love how the lights glow to create a sort of underwater look.

What futuristic fashion have you seen lately? Share links with us in the comments below!

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