35 Housewarming Gifts that Will Make You the Best Guest Ever
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35 Housewarming Gifts that Will Make You the Best Guest Ever

Moving is tough. Sure, it’s also a fresh start and a new experience, but we know carrying those belongings up several flights of stairs is hardly easy. Whether you’re the best friend helping the movers pivot the couch in a walk-up, the new next-door neighbor or just invited to the post-move party, make sure you reward their successful relocation with a thoughtful housewarming gift. We’ve hunted down everything your hosts will appreciate, from smart items you can order online to unique and practical DIY projects.

1. Agate Bottle Opener ($16): They’ve just landed the dream home and it’s time to celebrate! Show up with a six pack and a beautiful gemstone bottle opener that they’ll always associate with their first days at home.

2. Deco Barware Collection ($79): If your pal is more of a cocktail connoisseur than a craft brew fan, this will make a fantastic addition to their new home bar.

3. Garden Jar Hydroponic Herb Kit ($50): Jumpstart the new homeowners herb garden with this hydroponic kit. Featured in vintage-inspired mason jars, this set will truly be the gift that keeps giving.

4. Travel Spice Kit ($8): Restocking the kitchen cabinets after a move can be such a pain, so these 20 herbs and spices are perfect for getting your friends through the first few weeks of quick meals.

5. Faux Fur Chevron Throw ($89): We feel cozier and calmer just looking at this snuggly throw from West Elm. Bring on the movie nights.

6. Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Percolator ($41): Have we mentioned how much we love coffee? And what better way to start the day than with this vintage-style metal brewer, perfect for waking up at breakfast.

7. Ory Tray ($25): Speaking of breakfast, this is how you do breakfast in bed fit for a queen. It’s pricey, but it’s no ordinary tray — it’s actually covered in calf hair. It really doesn’t get more luxe than that.

8. Perasima Serving Bowl ($58): A lot of stuff gets tossed during a big move, like plasticware from the kitchen. That’s where you come in, replacing old, stained bowls with gorgeous salad bowls like these that are sure to add a punch of color.

9. Perfect Planning Pack ($18): Keep the newlyweds on top of their game with a desktop planner that’s perfect for capturing meetings, appointments, and dinner dates.

10. Ficks Variety Pack ($35): Your host is sure to crack open this bottle right away and get to mixing their fave drinks STAT.

11. Anthropologie Hobnail Glass Cocktail Shaker ($42): Have variety pack will shake. Pair this with drink mixers to really get the housewarming party started!

12. Sand Art Terrarium Kit ($32): Add a little greenery into their new home with the DIY terrariums. It’s perfect for hanging or placing on a mantel or bookshelf.

13. Illume Candles ($10+): Kick this housewarming classic up a notch with Illume’s soy candles. It’s not just the unique scents that are heavenly (Coconut Milk Mango, mmm), it’s also the containers. Once the candles are all used up, the various tins and ceramics make amazing catch-alls.

14. AdamsAleArtPrints Gold Foil Map Prints ($16+): Whether your pal is new to the city or has just left one behind, we love how bright and blingy these gold foil maps are.

15. Marble Cheese Knives ($32): What house party would be complete without a cheese platter? Package this beautiful knife set with some brie and tuck in.

16. Brit + Co Wood Burned Cutting Board Kit ($25): You know the hosts better than anyone, so design the wood-burnt patterns just the way they’d like for a great complement to the marble knives.

17. DIY Polka Dot Napkins: For the mover who has everything — you can be sure they don’t have speckled table napkins painted specially (and quickly) by you. (via Freut Cake)

18. Crown Tuscan Mixing Bowl Set ($70): Everyone needs new kitchenware, right? Spruce up the space with these adorable pretty in pink set of mixing bowls.

19. DIY Welcome Mat: This is SUCH a genius idea; it’s both easy and customizable. All you need is a cheap doormat, spray paint and basic template materials to create a personalized gift that you can be sure gets used. (via The Sits Girls)

20. DIY Housewarming Bucket: Your friends will LOVE this gift. Head to the hardware store and collect tools, rulers, flashlights and extension cords — all of the essentials they may have forgotten in the move. (via Martha Stewart)

21. DIY Housewarming Basket: If you like the practicality of the bucket idea but want to give something a bit prettier, bundle up some necessities for the guest bathroom, like beautifully packed soap and a potted plant. (via Coordinately Yours)

22. DIY Welcome Home Jar: Everyday products like felt furniture pads and cleaners will always be appreciated, but to bump up the gift factor, try etching or painting a sweet message onto the glass jar first. (via Oh Happy Day!)

23. DIY Goodies and Goods: If you’re the kind of kitchen goddess who is always receiving potluck invitations, you better not show up to the housewarming empty-handed. For a twist on the usual fare, wrap your famous pumpkin bread on top of a photo frame or package your cookies into a colander. (via Taste of Home)

24. DIY Bacon Kit ($20): Take some inspiration from Sur La Table and give the gift of homemade bacon. Need we say more?

25. DIY Lemonade Kit: If it’s still warm and sunny in your neck of the woods, then this pitcher full of lemonade ingredients will seriously hit the spot after a day of lifting furniture. (via The Idea Room)

26. DIY Wrapped Cookbook: This takes a very simple housewarming idea — a cookbook — and vastly improves the presentation by wrapping it in a tea towel or cloth napkin. (via 365 Days of Pinterest Creations)

27. DIY Dinner: Instead of making a casserole, how about encouraging the new homeowners to make their first meal together? Providing all of the ingredients makes it stress free. (via Nurse Frugal)

28. DIY Supermarket Basket: On the way to the party and forgot to pick up a present? Here are some ideas for assembling lovely gifts using supermarket basics, like wine and bread, beer in a cooler or cookie ingredients. (via Casa de Colorir)

29. Brit + Co Weave A Wall Hanging Kit ($25): Wall hangings are *so* in right now — so what better way to stoke your buds out than with one they can DIY! With a number of different patterns, this project is sure to get their creative juices flowin’!

30. Brit + Co Make A Macrame Planter Kit ($20): Even if they don’t have the greenest of thumbs, this macrame planter kit will look cute hanging their new home. Gift them a lucky succulent or air plant to add once they’ve successfully DIYed it.

31. Brit + Co Embroider A Wall Hanging Kit ($20): There’s nothing quite as fun as creating your own wall art! Let your friends choose their own new home message with this DIY embroidery kit.

32. Sqirl LA “Everything I Want To Eat” Cookbook ($40): LA-based restaurant restauranteur Jessica Kaslow shares her vision of delish and healthy meals in her new cookbook. This gem is sure to inspire your friends to get their creative cooking on.

33. Gold Cube Salt + Pepper Shakers ($24): Help them get their seasoning on with adorable porcelain glazed salt and pepper shakers. These cubed cuties will look amazing even when they’re not in use.

34. Green Chef Organic Food Delivery ($75+/month): Give the gift of easy to cook, 30-minute dinners! This sustainable food delivery box even offers two free meals at sign up!

35. Brass Tip Salad Servers ($36): These hand carved Sheesham wood and brass salad servers are sure to wow the crowd. Whether it’s a dinner party or a home date night, salad has never looked this good.

Are you more of a skilled shopper or a perfect maker when it comes to housewarming parties? Tell us which ideas you love in the comments!

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