The 50 Most Beautiful Wrapping Papers Ever
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The 50 Most Beautiful Wrapping Papers Ever

When we decided to treasure hunt online for the best wrapping paper, we thought we’d find 10, maybe 15 rolls. Boy, were we wrong! There are so many incredible artists, designers, and curators who’ve made it their job to make and find the best papers around, and now we’re here to round our 50 favorites up. Best of all, these wrapping papers are good all year round, from holidays to birthdays to weddings, and everything in between.

1. Mid-Century Modern Wrapping Paper ($12): First up, paper inspired by mid-century modern motifs, patterns, and designs. We love the warm colors, squiggly lines, and offbeat polka dots. Yes, polka dots can be offbeat.

2. Tandem Bicycle Gift Wrap ($7): This would make adorable wrapping paper for a pair of bicyclists or for a wedding.

3. Neon Gift Boxes Wrap ($12): Boxes on a gift box? So meta! We love the peach and gold color palette.

4. Easy Being Green Printable Papers ($5): Printable papers? Oh yessss. All you do is download the files and print them time and time again. These are especially great for small gifts.

5. Ranunculus ($7): This graphic ranunculus pattern is a sweet option for folks who love their flora bright, neon, and abundant.

6. Winter Forest Wrap ($12): We love how this paper has a hand-stamped look to it without getting too scrapbooky.

7. Metallic Glow ($14): Go for a luxe look with these mixed metallic patterns. You could also use these as accent strips on boxes wrapped in brown kraft paper.

8. Kimono Wrapping Paper Book ($16): Inspired by patterns found in traditional Japanese kimonos, this paper is almost too beautiful to fold up.

9. Highwire Birdies ($15): Bird on a wire? Why yes, and on your gifts! :)

10. Christmas Knit Collection ($12): Wait, how awesome is this paper? Like, seriously! It’s on the kitschy side for sure, but might win the wrapping paper award.

11. Mint and Silver Triangles Gift Wrap ($9): You can never go wrong with a geometric triangle pattern (as you’ll see ring true throughout this roundup) and we’re loving this combination of mint and silver.

12. Ikonik Gift Wrap ($15): Who knew that double-sided wrapping paper was totally where it’s at? Also, how cool are those bows?

13. Glengarry Gift Wrap ($13): Floral printed packages, tied up with string!

14. Vegetables Gift Wrap ($12): This would be a fun wrapping paper for gifts for foodies, or to mess with someone who hates their veggies.

15. Watercolor Polka Dots ($12): Who know polka dots could be ephemeral? These vibrant dots get their texture from watercolor style.

16. Tweed Wrap ($7): We’re just gonna call it. This is the perfect wrapping paper for dapper dudes. And yes, that is a category of dudes.

17. Screen Printed Pine Sheets ($9): Rifle Paper is one of our favorite paper companies, and they don’t disappoint in the wrapping paper department. First up, we’ve got this playful pine paper!

18. Geometric Forest ($12): And since we’re in the forest already, let’s keep it going with these geometric triangle trees.

19. Watercolor Holiday Paper ($12): Watercolor does it again, this time as part of Anthropologie’s wrapping paper collection. We love the mismatched patterns and colors in this set.

20. Felted Poms Wrapping Paper ($18): Also an Anthro find, what happens when pom poms meet wrapping paper. Whimsical magic, duh!

21. Mermaid Silver Kraft ($15): So we know this says mermaid in the title, but it would have to be the fanciest red carpet-ready mermaid we’ve ever seen. Because we’ve totally seen mermaids…

22. Midnight Floral Wrapping Sheets ($9): More beauty from Rifle Paper here — this time it’s all about florals in the dark.

23. Holiday Flag Wrap ($12): Flags are pretty much our (and everyone else’s in the DIY party-throwing world) jam. This festive wrapping paper is perfect for all your packages.

24. Twine-Stitched Wrapping Paper ($12): This wrapping paper will leave you in… stitches! Sorry, I had to.

25. Geometric Quilt Wrapping Paper ($12): Oh hey more triangles, we didn’t see you there. Okay actually we totally did, and we love you.

26. Double-Sided Floral Bouquet Neon Diamonds ($15): We may have a tendency to make calls on favorite things in roundups before we’ve really absorbed everything, so now we have to take back the Christmas Knit favorite and give it to this double-sided paper. The two papers are so different but magically work together.

27. Follow the Arrow ($22): If you’re feeling crafty, you could totally create a DIY version of this with a hand-cut stamp, or maybe even a potato stamp!

28. Red Hollies on Kraft Gift Wrap ($8): Most holly-based patterns walk the way-too-cheesy line but this graphic answer to holly is right up our alley. It could even work for non-Christmas presents.

29. Holly Jolly Gift Wrap ($8): Have a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year ;)

30. Eastham Gold Wrap ($7): We kind of wish this was a tablecloth and napkin set, but we’ll settle for chic wrapping paper instead.

31. Starfetti Wrap ($12): Starfetti? Yes, that’s a thing, and now it’s a wrapping paper too.

32. Duck Duck Goose Gift Wrap ($13): Duck, duck, duck, duck… Christmas goose!

33. Gingham Wrap ($7): For the preppier folks in your life, you can never go wrong with technicolor gingham.

34. Mini Triangle Pattern ($12): More triangles? Why not?

35. Double-Sided Mod Set ($10): These papers are definitely related to our mid-century modern finds from the top of this list. And again, love the double-sided aspect!

36. A Whale of a Time ($22): This whimsical whale pattern is great for all ages.

37. Happy Stripe Wrapping Sheets ($8): I feel like we should probably sell this wrapping paper in our shop — it totally includes all of our colors!

38. Tessellate Pink ($15): Neon orange, hot pink, and gold come together surprisingly stylishly on this glossy paper.

39. Heartfetti Wrap ($17): You thought starfetti was a weird term? What about heartfetti?

40. White Molecules Paper ($8): This is a great option for geeky gifts.

41. Paper Boats ($12): The hand-drawn aspect of this paper is what sets it apart for us — we particularly love the teal outlines of each paper boat.

42. Illustrations on Black ($8): Speaking of hand-drawn, how cool is these seemingly random collection of illustrations on one roll of wrapping paper?

43. Pyramid Gift Wrap Set ($25): Wait for it… oh yes, it’s time for more triangles. We don’t know what it is about them — the perfectly balancedness, the ease with which they turn into patterns — they just make for a good paper.

44. Winter Birds Wrapping Paper ($4): Naturally, we have to put a bird on it. This time, birds and triangles together in one place! :)

45. Cube Grafika Gift Wrapping Pack ($17): The patterns on these papers remind us of optical illusions we remember from grade school.

46. Ikat Double Sided Gift Wrap ($9): Ikat is still having a moment, and these papers celebrate this pattern in three different variations with cheeky text on the reverse side.

47. Double-Sided Nordic Confetti Wrap ($15): If you need to wrap gifts for lots of different personalities, double-sided is the way to go. Especially because they still look really good piled up together.

48. Farm Animals ($9): Yes, farm animals can be beautiful, even in print form ;)

49. Mustache Wrapping Paper ($7): I mean, it’s MOVEMBER people! Stay tuned for more mustache-inspired goodies this month.

50. Wildflower Wrapping Sheets ($9): Finally, this most beautiful (albeit, pretty darn girly) wrapping paper of them all.

What’s the most beautiful wrapping paper you’ve ever seen? Do you buy or DIY your wrapping paper? Talk to us in the comments below.