As soon as we flipped our calendars to November we’ve had one thing on our mind: Holiday shopping. Yes, everyone may be focusing their festive energy on Starbucks’s new holiday cups (are they green? Are they red? ARE THEY EVER COMING?!), but we’re skipping the drama and prepping our maker-friendly list to Santa instead. Here are 10 new projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund this weekend… or “accidentally” email to your S.O. ;)


1. Ockel Sirius A: Yep, that’s right: They’ve finally made a ultra-compact PC that’ll actually fit in your pocket (assuming you have real pockets and not those annoying fake ones). With a six-inch touchscreen and enough battery for a full Windows 10 experience, it’s perfect for the gal who’s always on the move.


2. Stilla Motion: If you’re worried about getting your purse, stroller or laptop stolen, this cool new product just might be for you. Simply place the tiny orb-like device on your gear and get an instant alarm on your phone the second it moves. It even has a built-in alarm speaker to let everyone nearby know that something’s up.

3. Talon: This handy multi-purposes tool combines 17 gadgets in one AND doesn’t scratch your phone or tablet. Stocking stuffers, anyone?


4. Eclipse: This remarkable decluttering device will definitely zen up your life and is perfect for design-savvy minimalists. The USB hub allows you to wrap cords around the device while charging for a mess-less tech storage solution.


5. FLOAT Shelf: Sure, this product may look simple (yes, it really is just a storage shelf for the back of your iMac), but think of all the things you could use it for. Midday snacks, handy DIY essentials… the possibilities are endless!


6. Bixi: If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it would be like to have the Force, this is your chance. This fun new gadget allows you to command your smartphone apps (think Spotify, YouTube, iBooks etc.) by using in-air gestures and commands. Purchase, we must.

7. Airblock: Even though the drone market is getting pretty crowded, we can’t resist putting this awesome new toy on our holiday wish list. Not only is it mega cool and relatively inexpensive ($99 on Kickstarter, $149 retail), but it teaches kids and adults the basics of coding and engineering too. Sure, they won’t be delivered until February, but Christmas can wait… right?


8. Whisk Wiper: Yep, this really is as simple (and as genius) as it looks. In just seconds this awesome kitchen tool cleans your holiday baking whisk without any accidental drips… or swear words.


9. Vue: This just might be the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are actually stylish. Vue frames can be fitted with your prescription lenses but also come with integrated technology that allows you to listen to music, track your activity and freely communicate with your squad.


10. CHiP: Holiday baking, prepare to meet your match. This WiFi-enabled smart oven is basically the Keurig for cookies, allowing users to simply scan and drop a dough pod in the machine for freshly baked cookies in 10 minutes or less.

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(Featured photo via Vue)