We’ve all been there: The first of the month is approaching quickly, but your bank account is depleting even faster. You might think you’re coming off totally calm, cool and collected about how badly you’ve blown your budget, yet again. But come on — your coworkers know the real reason you suddenly started getting passionate about making your lunches. Especially when the lunch you bring in looks more like a Chopped challenge than an actual meal.

Stressed mixed race woman paying bills

You’re not fooling anyone, so you might as well just laugh at yourself and embrace it before you have to embrace pulling your financial sh*t together. To get you started on that road to recovery (spending-free weekends are totally doable), here are our top 10 signs that your rent is almost due… you know, aside from the big PAY RENT!!! reminder you scrawled on the calendar.

1. Your landlord gives you that “I’m watching you” sign when you pass in the hall.

2. You call your parents “just to say hi,” but if your finances happen to come up in the conversation, well… you mean, they *like* taking care of you.

3. You start watching old episodes of Extreme Couponing like you’re a football player studying game tape.

4. You casually ask all of your lawyer friends to tell you what they know about squatters’ rights.

5. You hop the subway turnstile to save a few bucks, even though you’re wearing a skirt and four-inch heels. Side note: We’re impressed.

6. You turn over all the couch cushions, but you’re not looking for loose change. You’re hoping and praying for loose $20 bills.

7. You yell at your computer every time you get another sale email from J.Crew.

8. You’ve daydreamed about packing up all your stuff and leaving in the middle of the night, never to be seen or heard from (by your landlord) ever again.

9. You start making a list titled “Older relatives most likely to put me in their wills” and make a New Year’s resolution to get closer to your extended family.

10. Your “Italy vacation” fund has been renamed the “Covering the Netflix bill to be able to watch documentaries about Italy” fund.

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