Trends change, and over the course of one century, trends change a whole lot. We’ve seen how different sexy lingerie transformed over the last hundred years, how the definition of beauty in Mexico has evolved and even how American fashion has transformed. Yep, what was popular when grandma was a girl is probably not quite what kids these days are into (although trends do tend to be cyclical, so maybe it’s coming back into vogue). Our friends over at Mode are back again with another viral video showing the progression of tastes overs the decades — and this time with wedding gowns!

We start at 1915 with a demure ankle-length lace dress and a long veil. Also, who could forget those gorgeous white elbow-length satin gloves?

Gosh, how perfect were the ’20s in terms of style? Hems shortened, veils lengthened but those gloves stayed the same.

There’s one word for ’40s wedding fashion: glam. Red vampy lips, a simple string of pearls, long sleeves and perfectly set hair was all the rage.

Ahh, the ’80s. A time when sleeves were big but hair was bigger. Deep blue eyeshadow, anyone?

Which brings us to 2015 where cap sleeve lace dresses, simple veils, flowing hair and bejeweled belts are beautiful.

And, of course, not everyone wants to wear a dress down the aisle. Like they say at the end, “Love is always in fashion.”

#LoveIsLove, guys.

Check out the whole video below.

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(h/t Marie Claire)