While everyone else is busy making New Year’s #goals for getting a toned and healthy bod, you’ve got other ideas for yours. Getting a tattoo is an empowering expression of loving the canvas you’ve been given. It’s an awesome way to show off your unique style and to remind yourself of the things that make you who you are. If you plan to get inked this year, you’re probs (hopefully) putting a lot of thought into what to get. Get some inspo with these 11 tattoo trends that make us want to go under the needle in 2017.

1. Light As a Feather “Earrings”: Don’t wait around for your boo to gift you a pair of diamond studs. Do your own lobe decorating with a colorful feather tat or two. You’ll never feel weighed down by a heavy pair of earrings again. YAS.

2. Origami Sailboat: Fold it, an origami tattoo? We heart it. Origami looks ah-maz-ing in ink, and if you’re not into boats, think pretty swans, cranes and even an origami unicorn tattoo instead. So, so Zen.

3. Hipster Pencil: Haven’t seen a mechanical pencil in a while? Well, the art of laptop-less writing isn’t dead in the bohemian world. I mean, how else would you write in your Moleskine at your fave pour-over-only coffee shop? Other hot hipster tat options include alchemical symbols and lions clad in thick-rimmed glasses.

4. Watercolor Octopus: If you’re like us, you probably haven’t painted with watercolors since your elementary school days. That’s a shame, because how insanely sweet does watercolor look in tattoo form!? Bonus points for the whole literal octopus and ink thing.

5. Kind ofIronic Life Sayings: Marking yourself with a phrase that makes people take a sec to think is totally a trend with millennials. You can get in on the game too, with a semi-ironic expression like, “You are art,” because, duh. Other good ones to consider include “perfectly imperfect” and “regret nothing.” YOLO!

6. Fierce Finger: A mani looks good for a week or two tops, amiright? Finger tats, on the other hand, are 4-evs. Show off your #fierce style with a sweet tiger, or go for a simple flower or vine on the inside of your digits.

7. Petite French Sayings: Trust us: Everything said in French is just more belle. Go for a tres chic expression like “La Vie en Rose” or “La Vie est Belle.” You’ll want some tiny lettering to pull off this look. Add in a rose or other delicate flower for the ultimate touch of elegance.

8. Skyline City Love: Show some hometown love and keep some nostalgia handy with a cool skyline tat of a city near and dear to your heart. From London to New York to Chicago, some of the world’s most iconic cities look super cool drawn out. Don’t forget a little heart to finish off the look with love.

9. Feminine Floral Anchor: If you have an undying connection to the sea, a prominent anchor is probably on your tats-to-get wish list. Take this idea to the next #femmefatale level by adding in some gorgeous floral accents. Bringing the land and sea together is a bold move, and we def dig it.

10. Teeny Tiny Elephant: If you’re into the idea of getting a tattoo, but don’t want anything too crazy obvious, think teeny tiny. This petite elephant is oh.so.cute and minimalist to boot. Imagine how good this little guy will look with sandals in the summer months.


11. Telling Triangles: These tiny triangle tatts might look minimal, but there’s some serious mixed meaning behind what they symbolize. Some experts think each point represents the mind, body and spirit. Some say it’s the past, present and future coming together. There really isn’t a better way to start off the new year than that! (Photo via Fresh Tattoos)

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(Featured photo via Pinterest)