Linen closets get no love. They’re often skipped over during spring cleaning and organizing frenzies and can easily overflow when they’re the place of last resort for all of the extra products, old towels, and threadbare sheets. It’s time to move “organize linen closet” to the top of your priority list, and these stunning photos are just the motivation you need. It’s time to take back your closet and transform it into a functional space that holds everything you need *and* makes things easy to find. Keep scrolling for the inspiration for your linen closet dreams come true!

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Happy Sunday 🌿 I finished our linen closet/laundry storage today and I’m so happy with the end result 🙈 in our new house we don’t have a bench in our Laundry but we have a double linen cupboard so I decided to use all of the extra space to store a combination of laundry items and linen 😊 Swipe across to see both sides of our cupboard and the full view (well almost full view, I couldn’t get the full view of the second half in the frame but underneath the basket of tablewear we just have 3 more baskets containing cushions and bedding) 🤗 I’m thinking maybe some acrylic tags and labels to finish it off completely but I’m still really happy with the finished result and one area of my to do list (yay!) ✔️ I’m keen to try our new cleaning products from @trinature they are eco friendly, plant based and animal cruelty free which we love especially because of little Frankii 🐱 we also got some room spray from @manahomebathbody which is an essential these days thanks to Frankii and smells so much nicer then just the standard orange spray we were using 😂 I was getting a little bit over the orange scent so I got some room spray in my favourite candle scent of theirs (vanilla caramel) it’s amazing! 😍 • • • • • • #styledbyfliss #collab #interiordecor #homewares #homedecor #interiors #pocketofmyhome #interiors123 #interiorsinspiration #interiorinspo #homestyling #interior #interior4all #interiordesign #mynordicroom #nordicliving #designinterior #whitehouse #realhomesofinstagram #instahome #konmari #minimalism #scandinavian #mariekondo #homeorganization #organization #laundry #linencloset #productstylist

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1. Get green. Have a linen closet without a door? We are obsessed with the idea of adding a plant to give your space a fresh, calm feeling. Just don’t forget to water it every now and then!

2. Clean and Clear: A lot of linen closets double as a medicine cabinet, a situation that can easily turn into chaos. By giving everything a home in clear bins, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without rummaging to the dark, back corners of the closet.

3. Better with Baskets: Simple baskets that alternate sides on every other shelf provide a sense of visual balance. They also make it easier to keep your towel piles from looking messy and disorganized. Win-win!

4. Mix and Match: We love the way all the different containers in this linen closet harmonize. Create a hodgepodge with whatever you have lying around the house to make your shelves look more organized.

5. Box It Up: We’re all for hiding the clutter in the most organized way possible, and using labels and storing your products in groups will make any organizing task seem so much more achievable.

6. Labels, labels, labels: Break out your sharpie to give each category its own individual cubby. Finding a spare sheet or extra set of towels couldn’t be easier.

7. White Out: We’re totally crushing on this all-white-everything linen closet. The dark gray door and mermaid hook give it the extra contrast that had us double-tapping the moment it showed up on our feed.

8. Add Ons: Adding pastel baskets gives your closet that perfect pop of color. And putting hanging baskets on the inside of the door keeps teeny things corralled.

9. Shelf Appeal: Don’t have built-in shelves? Make them with a rack that fits snugly inside your linen closet. Adding your own means that you can personalize the spacing too.

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I finished my master linen closet organization project! Full disclosure: Our current house is blessed with THREE linen closets. Before this place, I never lived anywhere with more than one. So here’s my “minimalist” breakdown: I have two sets of towels per family member plus two guest. They’re all white. Most of them are stored in here because everyone including the tiny humans bathes in here. The small box at the bottom has face towels and a couple smaller towels. Sheets: I have a total of 5 sets for the 3 full/queen beds. I only have 1 set for our King because my favorite set got worn out and I haven’t replaced it yet. I was going to make it my Christmas present but I decided after 6.5 years of nonstop pregnancies/nursing that new bras were more important. Honestly I like to let the mattresses air out while I wash the sheets on Fridays and then I just put the same set back on. I have baskets for toiletries, polish, extra soap and feminine products. I got them at the dollar store! The jars are DIY bath salts because I love taking relaxing baths, which is why I try to make the whole master bath very spa-like. I keep NOTHING on my vanity countertop except soap and a decor piece. The top box has some extra fabric for when I take on projects like DIY Halloween costumes. Ps. If you are doing the no spend challenge, do NOT run out and spend money on storage totes. Organizing is what comes after minimizing and decluttering your space. Don’t skip ahead, because it won’t work. #minimalism #minimalisthome #bathroomcloset #declutter #declutterlikeamother #linencloset #simplifyyourspace #prettyspaces #masterbath #whattokeep

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10. Room to Grow: Give everyone in your family their own bin so everything stays where it belongs and doesn’t creep back out.

11. Striped Situation: Hellooooo, color blocking! The horizontal lines on these baskets (and sheets!) make us want to take a seat and stare at this closet all day long. And the different sizes work are perfect for all of your organizational needs.

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