Happy Valentine’s Day readers! Aside from a day dedicated to celebrating those that you love, Brit HQ’s favorite part about February should be pretty obvious: Girl Scout Cookie Season! We’ve put our orders in and have downloaded the app, but we can’t help but scheme to find the perfect cookie-inspired recipe. Here are 12 of our favorites, from all over the web.

1. Slim Mints: The first of our Thin Mint odes, CHOW’s batch of Slim Mints is probably something you should bury deep in your bookmarks folder. Yes, they are delicious, and yes they taste like Thin Mints. But isn’t there a reason these cookies come out for a limited time only? ;) (Recipe and photo: CHOW)

2. Samoa Ice Cream Truffles: Did you just black out? We did as soon as we saw the title of this recipe. Why not take three of the most delicious sweets in the world and combine them? (Recipe and photo: Southern Living)

3. Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies: These dangerous bites call upon two powerful cookie forces: Nutter Butters and Do-Si-Dos (Peanut Butter Cookies). They are pretty simple to make, and are sure to be a big hit next time you’re on dessert duty. To add an adult twist, we recommend serving these with an Oatmeal Stout float. (Recipe and photo: Savory Sweet Life)

4. Homemade All-Natural Thin Mints: We are pretty much addicted to all of Heidi Swanson’s all-natural goodness over at 101 Cookbooks, and adore this healthy take on everyone’s minty favorite. (Recipe and photo: 101 Cookbooks)

5. Lemonades: Less talked about but really quite scrumptious, Girl Scouts’ Lemonades are the perfect cookie for a sunny spring day. And for a summer day, we love sandwiching a spoonful of vanilla frozen yogurt between two Lemonades. (Recipe and photo: Family Kitchen)

6. Homemade Tagalongs: Tagalongs get a serious upgrade in this homemade variety, and come out looking downright gourmet. We love the idea of serving these atop a scoop of caramel ice cream with a sprinkle of sea salt. (Recipe and photo: Love and Olive Oil)

7. Thin Mint Truffles: Two ingredients? Yes please. All you need is cream cheese and Thin Mints for this recipe, and a whole lot of willpower after you’ve made them. (Recipe and photo: What’s Cookin’ Chicago?)

8. Samoas Bars: These fool-proof bars are ready for serving in less than 30 minutes. Just 5 minutes to mix together the batter, 20 minutes to bake, and 5 minutes to get your dishes done. Sold! (Recipe and photo: Love Veggies and Yoga)

9. Double Ginger Shortbread Triangles: Featuring a charming embossment of the iconic Girl Scouts logo, shortbread cookies were the original cookie, traditionally baked right in the girls’ homes. This gingery variety is just as simple to make at home, and perfect for improvisation. (Recipe and photo: Woman’s Day)

10. Tagalong Cupcakes: First of all, using a cookie as the base of a cupcake is genius. With a tagalong on the bottom and another perched on the top, these cupcakes are a definite win. (Recipe and photo: The Culinary Chronicles)

11. Malted Mint Brownies: These don’t employ Thin Mints but they sure taste like something from childhood. Instead of nuts adding a little crunch, these brownies employ Mint Cookie Malted Milk Balls. Yes, Mint Cookie Malted Milk Balls, described as a hybrid between Thin Mints and Whoppers. Amaze! (Recipe and photo: Dozen Flours)

12. Coconut, Chocolate and Caramel Tart: And finally, the Samoa tart. A dessert that combines Chez Panisse with Girl Scout Cookies is right up our alley, and we might have to try our own take utilizing our trusty muffin pan! (Recipe and photo: Su Good Sweets)

Tell us how you get your Thin Mint, Samoa and Tagalong fix before Girl Scout cookie season rolls around. Do you have super delicious creative ways of cooking with cookies when they do arrive? Leave us a note in the comments below or send recipe ideas to hello@brit.co.