We’ve seen hairdos in just about every color of the rainbow, but the latest next-level (Instagram-approved!) fad trumps even fire hair — say hello to watermelon tresses. Though we can tell you 21 ways to eat watermelon, we never would have thought that pairing the fruit’s unexpected colors of green and pink together would be so… complementary when used on our locks. But don’t take our word for it! Check out some of the raddest snaps of the trend that the Internet has to offer below.

1. @subleem: When your hair looks this cool, who needs to see anything else?

2. @dare_dont_care: @dare_dont_care dubs this look “WONDEROUS,” and we have to say, we’re inclined to agree.

3. @game­_of_braids: Adding some serious edge to her otherwise perfectly plaited braids, @game_of_braids’ bright ‘do is making us oddly thirsty?

4. @abracatrena: @abracatrena channels old school glamour alongside her watermelon look.

5. @omar._.boxface: Who says you need long tresses to rock watermelon hair? @omar._.boxface’s pixied approach makes every bit as much of an impact.

Do you have watermelon hair? Show us over @BritandCo!

(h/t Nylon, photos via @subleem)