It鈥檚 the most wonderful time of the year for horror fans. For those who don鈥檛 feel like dressing up and trudging out on Halloween night, we鈥檝e got the perfect solution: the ultimate in terrifying movie marathons. Here, we鈥檝e got 13 of the scariest movies to get you in the holiday spirit without having to leave the couch. (May we recommend preparing some Halloween treats for the evening?) Just a warning: These aren鈥檛 for the faint of heart. Please don鈥檛 blame us if you aren鈥檛 able to sleep for the next week.


1. Halloween on Amazon: After 15 years in prison, Michael Meyers escapes on Halloween night, ready to wreak havoc on his old town. 鈥楾is the season for this classic slasher flick. (Photo via Compass International Pictures)


2. Rosemary鈥檚 Baby on Amazon: Mia Farrow plays a young wife, expecting her first baby. Little does she know what鈥檚 going on on the other side of her new, dream apartment. If nothing else, watch this one for Farrow鈥檚 spot-on style. (Photo via William Castle Productions)


3. Interview With the Vampire on Amazon: Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt star in this 1994 flick, based on a chilling book by the same name. You鈥檝e never experienced such empathy for a creature of the night. (Photo via Geffen Pictures)


4. The Witch on Amazon: Last year鈥檚 Halloween classic is now ready for streaming if you missed it in theaters. If you鈥檙e into Salem Witch Trials stuff, this horror flick was made for you. (Photo via Parts and Labor)


5. Stephen King鈥檚 Children of the Corn on Netflix: The master of the horror genre wrote this one about a group of kids who follow one particularly terrifying child and murder all the adults in town. You probably will never take on another babysitting gig ever again after watching this one. (Photo via Angeles Entertainment Group)


6. Sleepy Hollow on Netflix: This classic Tim Burton movie from 1999 stars Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, who goes to Sleepy Hollow to investigate three mysterious murders. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)


7. Stranger Things on Netflix: If you鈥檝e missed the gripping Netflix original, consider this weekend your opportunity to catch up. Okay, we know it鈥檚 not technically a movie, but it鈥檚 terrifying, eerie and stars Winona Ryder. What more do you need? (Photo via Netflix)


8. The Blair Witch Project on Hulu: WE STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT THIS ONE. Basically, in 1994, three student filmmakers went missing and all that was found of them was this footage, which was made into this movie. NO THANK YOU! (Photo via Haxan Films)


9. Amityville Horror on Hulu: There鈥檚 a valuable lesson in this movie: Never willingly choose to move into a house after mass murders were committed there. It鈥檚 not gonna be pretty. (Photo via American International Pictures)


10. Carrie on Hulu: Maybe you thought high school was bad. At least you didn鈥檛 get pig鈥檚 blood dumped on you at prom. (Photo via MGM)


11. Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Hulu: This one鈥檚 considered by many to be one of the ULTIMATE horror flicks of all time. It鈥檚 got everything you need: a trip to the cemetery, a psychopath hitchhiker and cannibals with power tools! (Photo via Vortex)


12. Silence of the Lambs on Hulu: If your prefer your horror to stay completely in your head, you need to watch this classic starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. It puts the lotion in the basket. (Photo via Orion Pictures)


13. American Psycho on Hulu: This film instilled not only a fear of good-looking Wall Street men but PTSD every time we hear a song by Huey Lewis and the News. (Photo via Lions Gate Films)

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