Now that winter is officially upon us, there are some items from H&M’s cozy home collection that are a perfect reflection of the season. You’ll find chic treasures to brighten your decor and a whole bunch of whimsical details to warm up even the coldest of spaces. If your abode could use a seasonal style upgrade, scroll through to find your H&M fix. But be warned — with all of this affordable cuteness, you won’t be able to pick just one.


1. H&M Sequined Cushion Cover ($18): Sparkly things have a magical way of making any day brighter. And the holiday season is the perfect excuse to add more to your collection.


2. H&M Round Mirror ($13): A fresh take on an old staple, this mirror is all kinds of clever and versatile. Add it to your vanity for some high-style reflection.


3. H&M Jacquard-Weave Hand Towel ($10): A set of matching hand towels tells the world that you’re a grown up. Purchase a handful of these for some colorful sophistication.


4. H&M Bath Towel ($18): Mix sweet and edgy, and what do you get? An uber-chic way to dry off every day.


5. H&M Porcelain Mugs ($18, set of two): His and hers, hers and hers, his and his — bond a little closer with this matching pair of mugs. No matter who you’re sharing your morning with, you’ll be sipping in style.


6. H&M Storage Basket ($10): Doing laundry just got chic. Just imagine how it could inspire your wardrobe.


7. H&M Round Mirror ($35): Winter blues got you down? Add a burst of sunshine to your decor with this shining wall mirror.


8. H&M Round Glass Soap Dispenser ($18): Here’s another decor item that says you’re adulting with the best of ’em. Cute and affordable, there’s no easier way to make your abode more mature.


9. H&M Coasters ($4, set of four): If it’s too cold to go out stargazing, consider bringing the magic to your table. A sweet blend of whimsy and utility, these will give any moment a touch of sparkle.


10. H&M Patterned Duvet Cover ($35+): Stars are a running theme in this collection and we’re all better for it. Cozy up after a cold day under this cosmic cover.


11. H&M Large Metal Tray ($25): The festive season is going strong, which means holiday parties abound. Impress your guests with your hosting skills by serving them treats atop your new chic serving tray.


12. H&M Printed Porcelain Plate ($7): How cute are these sparkling plates? Cute enough to purchase aplenty.


13. H&M Tinted Carafe ($25): Equally perfect for holiday shindigs and nights of Netflix, this gold-dipped carafe will make any occasion a little more classy. Set it out on your bar cart with a minimalist bouquet when not in use.


14. H&M Small Glass Box ($13): An organized home is a happy home. Clean up clutter with the help of this delightful little container.


15. H&M Star-Patterned Tea Towel ($6): In the season of cooking and red wine, you can never have enough clean-up essentials. These towels will keep your nest nice, clean and looking great.


16. H&M Scented Candle in Glass Holder ($13): What’s cozier than curling up by candlelight? Nothing. Nothing at all. Warm up your winter by grabbing one (or six) of these sweet vibe-makers.

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