Feeling the results of staying up late last night watching the Oscars? Yeah, us too — seriously, it felt like the ceremony was never going to end. While you’re probably dragging yourself to the office this morning, in need of an extra shot of espresso, we found a few more commute essentials (besides that second cuppa) that will get you through another work week. Now get to it (this list, not your work, of course ;)


1. Oscars 2015: The Academy Awards always bring glamour, moving speeches + memeable moments into our homes every year. That’s why we get *so into it*, obvs. Check out our Oscars coverage throughout your commute this week, where you’ll find the best beauty, hairstyles + dresses the stars showed up rocking. BTS action, GTL tips and style DIYs coming soon. Like we said, we get into the Oscars ;)


2. My Week Wearing Crazy Lip Trends You’re Too Afraid to Try IRL: Always been curious to try out Kylie Jenner’s over-lined lips or other crazy Pinterest-only trends like ombre or lavender pastel lips, but haven’t had the courage to rock them IRL? No worries — our Beauty Guru Misty Spinney gave the outrageous looks a spin for a week to see how others would react. Check out her article to see which lip looks were flops and which were fab.


3. Monument Valley: In this smartphone game, you manipulate architecture while playing with geometry to guide a princess through mysterious monuments, hidden paths and optical illusions. Sounds stimulating and imaginary enough to help you forget how packed you are on the public transportation to work, right? Just come back to reality when it’s time for you to hop off and head into the office. (Available for $3.99 on iOS, Android + Kindle Fire)


4. NPR’s Invisibilia: In case you missed the six-episode pilot season of this podcast hosted by Lulu Miller + Alix Spiegel, who helped create Radiolab + This American Life, this week is the perfect time to binge (before you’re fully occupied with Homemakers next week ;) The podcast explores the intangible forces (ideas, beliefs, assumptions + emotions) that shape human behavior. By weaving in narrative storytellings with fascinating psychological and brain science, the series dives deep into its explanation of a variety of human behaviors. Set your mind right + think for fun before you even have your first cup of coffee.


5. Yener Torun: We’ve always been fans of a little pop of color, so when we discovered the colorful feed of Istanbul-based architect @cimkedi, we knew we needed to share it with you to brighten up your morning on a daily basis. Come for the color, stay for the impressive architectural (and occasional non-building-related) finds Yener captures.

What are your commute essentials this week? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Frazer Harrison/Getty + Jason Merritt/Getty)