It seems kind of crazy, but 2016 is right around the corner. Time really does fly, and the new year is coming at us faster than the latest batch of iPhone 7 rumors. Naturally, with a new year comes new goals, with schedules and to-do lists to help you stay on track. While we’re pretty attached to our smartphones, sometimes you can’t beat good old fashioned pen + paper to keep your life in order. We’re sharing 10 agendas and calendars that are definitely up for the task.

cal 1

1. 2016 Floral Planner ($34): Get ready to map out your year in the prettiest way possible with this floral planner from Rifle Paper Co.

cal 2

2. Medium Agenda Planner ($36): Compact and beautifully designed, this agenda will become your go-to tool for jotting down all those daily to-dos. We love the elastic closure for on-the-go ease.

cal 3

3. 2016 Gem + Mineral Wall Calendar ($28): Not to be redundant, but this one’s a real gem. The dazzling illustrations lend instant glam to your office, home or studio walls.

cal 4

4. Ringleader 17-Month Agenda ($20): Whoever said planning wasn’t fun clearly never set eyes on this agenda! It’s colorful, quirky and even comes equipped with stickers.

cal 5

5. 2016 Healing Wreath Wall Calendar ($25): Get your daily dose of calming power with the help of this illustrated healing wreath. With colors that bright, you can’t help but feel excited about the months to come.

cal 6

6. 2016 Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit ($25): Any astrology or astronomy fanatics out there? Get crafty with this constellation stitch calendar. You don’t even need any embroidery skills to whip it together!

cal 7

7. Five Days a Week Paper Mousepad ($10): Time to put your mousepad to work! Keep track of your ultra-busy work week in a place you’ll always see it — right under your hand.

cal 8

8. 2016 Fruit Calendar Stitch Kit ($25): If you’re looking for something that’s not your run-of-the-mill monthly tracker, this is definitely it. Organize your month + get a little embroidery practice all in one go.

cal 9

9. Chalkboard Calendar Decal ($50): Peel + stick this decal just about anywhere in your home or office to keep up-to-date on your important weekly activities and appointments.

cal 10

10. 2016 Jungle Appointment Calendar ($28): Embrace your wild side with this jungle-themed calendar. Each month has lots of room to write birthdays, notes and the date of your next outdoor adventure.

Which do you prefer: a calendar or planner? Tell us in the comments section!