Oh, 2016. You were so wonderful to us when it came to fab beauty trends. In the span of twelve months, our go-to beauty routine went from oh-so-typical to straight-up glam with swoon-worthy trends like holographic lips and helix eyeliner. On the flip side, when it came to our tresses, nothing was left to the imagination. Even though there were plenty of hair trends that had us drooling (lookin鈥 at you, phoenix hair), there were a couple that made us think, WTF? So to say au revoir to the rough 鈥榙os, here are six hair-grettable trends we鈥檙e happy to leave behind in 2016.

1. Undercut Tattoos: Whether it was a side trim or an undercut, shaved hairstyles def had their moment last year. Of course, there was an OTT side to this trend. Cue undercut tattoos. While we love the idea of a design shaved onto our heads, it鈥檚 hard AF to maintain (especially when bright colors are involved). While it was fun at first, we鈥檙e gonna say buh-bye to this hairstyle for good.

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2. Hair Stenciling: When our typical accessory stash wasn鈥檛 up for the glam challenge, hair stenciling was the upgrade our hair needed. But now that we think about it, it actually feels 鈥 dare we say 鈥 a little *too* over the top for everyday wear. Even though some of the designs make us swoon, let鈥檚 keep it locked away for a super fancy day.

3. Succulent Hair: While the colors do look gorg together, they should probably stay in the wild. This nature-inspired succulent-lover鈥檚 dream can end up looking swampy if your colorist isn鈥檛 super careful. Even though this trend is a little hard to say adios to, it鈥檚 for the best, guys.

4. Hair Jewelry: Hair jewels were a fab way to jazz up our tresses, but taking them off and 鈥 let鈥檚 be real 鈥 not losing them is impossible for the hectic AF life of a #girlboss. To cure our anxiety, we鈥檙e gonna say ciao to this trend.

5. Glitter Roots: Don鈥檛 get us wrong, glitter is everything to us, but it鈥檚 *not* fun to wash out. Even after shampooing 15 million times, these little specks of shimmer will live with you forever. So unless you love finding glitter flecks in your hair six months after rocking this style, we鈥檙e gonna say a hard 鈥渂uh-bye鈥 to this trend.

6. Rainbow Roots: Even though rainbow roots had a huge moment in 2016, we prefer when all of our hair is colored with the Lisa Frank-approved 鈥榙o. While this look is a great way to cover up those pesky gray hairs, it鈥檚 crazy expensive to manage and our wallet don鈥檛 got time for that.

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