Let’s talk about Home Economics. What once was a course in school is now a group of skills that often fall by the wayside as we grow up. These days, if your mom or dad doesn’t teach you how to sew a button on a shirt, this seemingly easy task can feel like a confusing chore. Fortunately, we have the internet to keep us educated, so that’s why today we’re working with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® to bring you seven Home Ec lessons you need to know.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products are a part of Target’s awesome Made to Matter campaign, in which they teamed up with 20 brands to develop products that are better for you and the world. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products are created with essential oils that smell sublime and are highly effective on grit and grime. If you haven’t already found yourself stopped in the cleaning aisle at Target smelling their scents, we highly recommend you do. They are by far the best cleaner aromas on the market! I mean, that Lemon Verbena just couldn’t be better. Lucky for us, Target is offering 10% off the Baking Soda Cream Cleaner and Vinegar Gel No-Rinse Cleaner through April 30 — and we’re definitely stocking up. So with that, here are our Home Ec tips.


1. Take a Sewing 101 Online Class: Basic sewing is an easy skill to pick up and one that is essential in Home Ec. Whether it’s sewing a missing button on a blouse or hemming a pair of pants that are too long, we’ve got you covered in our Sewing 101 E-Class where we teach you the basics and walk you through creating your very own maxi skirt. You’ll be sewing in no time.


2. Master the Oatmeal Face Mask: One of our favorite Home Ec lessons is learning how to make homemade bath and body products. There are many to choose from, but oatmeal is a great ingredient to use since it is soothing and often can reduce itchiness. We recommend you put this recipe for an oatmeal face mask in your back pocket when you need a home spa day.


3. Use Shower Steam to Reduce Clothing Wrinkles: So you don’t have an iron on hand but your blouse is completely crumpled and wrinkly. Not to worry, all you need is a flat iron and some steam to MacGyver your way out of this situation. Hang your outfit in the bathroom while you are taking a shower to let the steam do its magic. Then zap any tough wrinkles with a flat iron. Women used to straighten their hair with a clothes iron, so why not iron clothes with a hair straightener? 


4. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar Products to Clean, Like, Everything: Baking soda and vinegar are jacks of all trades. Aside from obvious cooking applications, they’re also incredible cleaners. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Vinegar Gel No-Rinse Cleaner in Lemon Verbena scent ($4) has the cleaning power of vinegar with no lingering odor. It’s great for hard water stains, soap residue and general around-the-home cleaning when you need a nice shine left behind – especially on stainless steel appliances, faucets and fixtures and shower doors. And Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Baking Soda Cream Cleaner in Lemon Verbena scent ($4) is similar in its I-can-clean-anything qualities: It gets out the grime and leaves surfaces clean as a whistle. We like to use it on bathroom and kitchen tile, as well as on pots, pans, induction cook tops, grills and sealed stone. Plus it will leave behind a garden-fresh scent — we can get behind that! Scoop it up at Target for 10% off before April 30 for a jump start on spring cleaning. (Photo via Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day)


5. Try a Mayonnaise Hair Mask: When your hair needs a deep conditioning, head to the grocery store instead of the salon. Though it sounds a little scary, mayonnaise works wonders on those dry ends. Mix it with an avocado and honey, then let it sit on your hair for maximum replenishment.


6. Lay Out Your Furniture Like a Pro: Decorating your home is a Home Ec essential. To start on the right foot, you need to get the furniture organized in a way that makes sense in your space. Lucky for us (and not surprisingly), there’s an app for that. Okay, there are a lot of apps, but we landed on Home Design 3D ($7, for iOS). It’s intuitive to use and is perfect for home renovations or assessing if your furniture will fit into a potential new home.


7. Take Your Cookbook Online: Ditch the recipe box full of magazine clippings and get yourself set up with an online cookbook. Sites like Evernote and Pinterest can help you keep your favorite dishes safe and sound. After all, nobody wants to lose Grandma’s baked chicken recipe :)

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This post is a collaboration with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.

Author: Roxy Taghavian