25 Awesome Advent Calendars
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25 Awesome Advent Calendars

It’s almost time for advent calendars. Turns out these little relics of childhood are still the rage, and even come with whisky! Here are 25 ways you can buy or DIY your own advent calendar this Christmas. (P.S. These are definitely not limited to Christmas celebrations – could be a fun wedding or birthday countdown too!)

1. Advent Calendar Shadowbox (DIY): Head to a flea market, discount home store or craft store and look for little shelves like this. Then get out the craft paper and make a bunch of custom boxes and pouches. (via Lil Blue Boo)

2. Whisky Advent Calendar ($240): Behind each of these 24 doors is a different sample of whisky, including a sample of 50 year old Scotch. AH-mazing.

3. Ornament A Day (DIY): This one used to be available for purchase on Pottery Barn, but would definitely be an easy DIY using ornaments you already have.

4. Ciate Nail Polish Advent Calendar ($58): A different nail polish every day? Done.

5. Minimalist Advent Calendar (DIY): Happen to have a stockpile of small jewelry boxes? Turn them into an advent calendar with a decidedly minimalist aesthetic. (via Shim & Sons)

6. Matchbox Advent Calendar (DIY): Matchboxes are perfect for lots of DIY projects because they’re actually miniature drawers. Tape or glue a few together or to the wall for the littlest of gifts. (via All About You + DIY Christmas)

7. Printable Holiday Boxes (DIY): All about DIY but don’t have the tools for designing your own numbers and boxes? This printable template is design-y and colorful, just the way we like it. (via Oh Happy Day)

8. Vintage Luggage Tags (DIY): Take inspiration from your travels! Use or create old-fashioned luggage tags and attach a different gift to each tag.  (via Kelmscott Designs)

9. Lego Advent Calendar ($40): There are a few things you’re never too old for. Two of them happen to be Legos and Star Wars. Advent it up.

10. Green Glassware (DIY): For a rustic camping aesthetic, use paint and fabric to cover glass jars with deep green hues. We can imagine all kinds of tools for survival in these jars, like waterproof matches, an emergency blanket, and more. (via Brigitte)

11. Grain Sack Advent Calendar ($148): Made from repurposed grain sacks, this hanging calendar has a very rustic aesthetic and is definitely inspiring some DIY ideas here at Brit HQ.

12. Galvanized Metal Advent Calendar ($149): This could also be a permanent fixture in an entryway for keeping keys, mittens, and other “on the way out” essentials.

13. Envelope Advent Calendar (DIY): Who knew envelopes could be so stylish? This couldn’t be easier to create and you probably have all the materials in your desk drawer or craft room. (via A Few Things From My Life)

14. Coffee Cup Advent Calendar (DIY): Got a coffee or tea lover in the mix? Use coffee cups in takeout trays! We love the idea of filling each with different types of coffee beans or tea bags. (via Living At Home)

15. Clothespin Advent Calendar (DIY): Grab some paint, twine, clothespins, and pouches and get to work. (via I Heart Naptime)

16. Wrapped Chocolate Bars (DIY): Keep the chocolate part of the advent calendar tradition alive but super size it! (via AAMS)

17. Wine Advent Calendar (DIY): This is for the serious wino. A bottle a day might be overkill unless you’ve got a few people to share with, but we still love the idea. Maybe every other day is a bottle of fancy seltzer? (via Style Me Pretty)

18. Hanging Buckets (DIY): Another Pottery Barn find from holiday seasons past, you can definitely DIY it up with buckets, branches, and twine.

19. Vintage Style Advent Boxes ($25): If you’re not up for creating your own boxes, these vintage style ones are available over on Etsy. Love the festive color palette.

20. Tea Advent Calendar ($30): Love yourself a hot cup of tea? Try a new variety every day leading up to Christmas with this tea-riffic calendar :)

21. DIY Favor Tin Advent Calendar (DIY): You can find favor tins at just about any craft store or on Amazon. Add magnets to the back, designs to the front, and put treasures inside! (via Makoodle)

22. Bubble Wrap Advent Calendar ($13): What’s more satisfying the popping bubble wrap? It would be extremely difficult not to pop all of these at once, but a good exercise in self control. (P.S. Easily DIY-able!)

23. Beer Advent Calendar (DIY): Head to the beverage store and get a whole bunch of different beers to try or favorites to enjoy. Put them all together in an advent calendar bin and try a different one each day. You could even keep the “calendar” in the fridge! (via 2 Little Hooligans)

24. Advent Calendar Clothespin Tree ($53): Another rustic one and available on Etsy, this is a great way of combining your advent calendar with your Christmas tree, especially if you live in a small apartment or house.

25. Ornaments and Pouches DIY Advent Calendar (DIY): How about an ornament a day and a present? Sounds good to us! (via The Marion House Book)

Have you seen or created any awesome advent calendars? Share ideas, links, and photos with us via the comments below. Happy holiday season!