Email may seem kind of archaic in a time when we can use our voices to get important things done, but it’s still necessary (unfortunately). There’s all the back and forth, wondering whether your email just got buried in someone’s inbox, whether it was sent to — gulp — spam, etc.

Thankfully, people are finally implementing features that make our lives a lot easier. Here’s how you can use different email apps to make sure your voice is heard among all the spam in your recipients’ inboxes.


1. Send your email at the right time. While we can’t tell you when the exact best time is to send an email, we can tell you that it probably isn’t at 3am in your recipient’s time zone. By the time 9am rolls around for them, your email is probably going to be buried and they may never see it.

This is why you either want to send your emails at a time that’s going to ensure they’ll sit nice and pretty at the top of someone’s inbox, or schedule them to do so. Luckily, there are apps like Polymail and Nylas Mail that allow you to do just that. Another popular one is Boomerang, a Gmail extension that allows you to schedule emails and also resend important emails BACK into your inbox.

The best time to ensure your emails are read are during work hours, since many people don’t like to read emails when they’re away from the office. If you live in different time zones, you can use a handy conversion tool to figure out when to send.

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2. Track email. Another great thing apps like Polymail and Nylas Mail let you do is track whether your email was opened or links within your email were clicked. This might sound kinda creepy, but it’s really just like read receipts on your iPhone. It’s just nice to know whether someone actually got your email. Chances are, they aren’t ignoring you, but if you see that they opened it and they don’t respond, that puts you on track for the next tip.

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3. Follow up. This is one of the most important things you can do when you need an answer on your email. You don’t want to be too pressing or needy, which is an easy line to cross in email etiquette. Shoot a simple note along the lines of “checking in to see what your thoughts were on X.” This makes sure you stay top-of-mind and makes it much more likely you’ll see a response. People forget to answer emails, get distracted or just need more information sometimes before they can give you an answer. Following up helps both of you and (hopefully) gets you the answers you need!

While nothing can guarantee a response, these steps will serve you well on your quest to get your emails seen and answered as much as possible. Try ’em out!

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