30 Phone Cases You’ll Want to Find in Your Stocking
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30 Phone Cases You’ll Want to Find in Your Stocking

Between our new iPhones and the holidays right around the corner, we can’t help obsessively looking at new phone cases. Whether you want a new one for yourself or you’re searching for the perfect stocking stuffer, here are 30 of our favorites that’ll make any phone feel like new. But good luck picking just one.

1. Darling Dachshunds iPhone Case ($30): Who doesn’t love puppies? We could stare at these adorable little hounds all day long (when we’re not staring at our phone’s screen).

2. Whimsical Cats iPhone Case ($30): Okay, so maybe there are some cat lovers out there. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, too.

3. Speak of the Devil iPhone Case ($40): Kate Spade is the queen of ironic phone cases, and this is just one of the many we need in our lives.

4. Colorblock Peach iPhone Case ($38): Graphic designer Julia Kostreva’s designs are clean and minimal; with a random smattering of polka dots, this case has us falling head over heels.

5. Sweet Tea iPhone Case ($30): Made with real dried flowers, this case is the perfect intersection of nature and technology. Who knew the two could come together so beautifully?

6. Snap! 6 iPhone Case ($35): This clever case isn’t even available yet. But you can preorder one today and turn your phone into a legit camera. They even have a specially designed app to make it as simple to use as possible.

7. Multi-Tool Utility iPhone Case ($45): Complete with two screwdrivers, two ballpoint pens, a nail file, tweezers, scissors and a kickstand, you will always be prepared. Because, let’s face it, Google can’t always save us.

8. CaseMate Brilliance iPhone Case ($80): Add a little sparkle to your life with a case that doesn’t quit. You’ll never lose your phone to the bottom of your purse again.

9. It’s Written in the Stars iPhone Case ($40): Kate Spade’s phone cases might just be the cutest, and the astrology nerd in us absolutely needs this case.

10. White Sparkly Day Smartphone Case ($40): If you’re the proud owner of a gold iPhone, this case is practically calling your name. But don’t feel left out, Android users. This case is available for your phones, too.

11. Fuchsia Bloom iPhone Case ($35): You can never go wrong with florals, and this floral adds a dash of style to your tech collection.

12. Fuuvi Chocolate iPhone Case ($25): Warning: This case might make you crave chocolate. Constantly.

13. Gold Diagonal Stripe iPhone Case ($50): Kate does it again with stylish gold stripes and a sensible shock-resistant bumper that runs around the edge. Gotta protect that brand new 6.

14. Friends Peephole iPhone Case ($26): If you’re anything like us, you cannot wait for Friends to come to Netflix in January. Could this case BE any more cute?

15. Leather Wrap iPhone Case ($40): With a gold metal frame and luxurious leather, this case only looks expensive. Thank goodness, because that new 6 cleaned us out.

16. Colorblock Pink iPhone Case ($38): Another Julia Kostreva masterpiece, this minimal design is anything but boring with its bold pops of color.

17. Violet Floral iPhone Cover ($36): We’re absolutely obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. (who isn’t?), so there’s no doubt that we’re all over their collection of iPhone cases. Their painterly designs are beyond.

18. Heart Stripe iPhone Case ($35): We’re suckers for black and white stripes. And gold hearts. Put the two together, and we’re so there. Plus, the case’s rubber core ensures that your iPhone won’t crack.

19. Aroma Mobile Samsung Galaxy 4 Case ($23): This one’s for you, Galaxy users. Not only is this case wonderfully squishy, but it’s also scented, with a refreshing aroma escaping with every squeeze. We dare you to stop touching it.

20. Atelier iPhone Case ($38): With its bold strokes of paint, this case by Julia Kostreva will have you feeling inspired to create something of your own.

21. I Will Call You Later Smartphone Case ($40): Even if you won’t really call later, it’s the thought that counts.

22. CLIC Wooden iPhone Case ($40): Go back to your roots with a case made from solid American timber. We’re loving this blossom color, and the wood is sturdy enough to last and protect.

23. Treat Yo Self Smartphone Case ($35): You look at your phone everyday. Maybe even every minute of everyday. So take this as a regular reminder to “Treat yo’ self.”

24. Adventure Is Out There! iPhone Case ($30): A playful nod to one of our favorite animated movies, this case might be the daily kick you need to go out on an adventure.

25. Colorblock Sky iPhone Case ($38): Keep it simple and stylish with this abstract design by Julia Kostreva. And the nude tones ensure that your iPhone will always match your #ootd.

25. Lenticular Eyes iPhone Case ($40): Don’t worry, we had to Google what “lenticular” means, too. But now that we’ve grown our vocabulary, we can fully enjoy this Kate Spade case that winks at you… or someone whose attention you might be seeking.

26. Gold Lace Clear iPhone Case ($35): For some reason, this art deco gold lace design reminds us of Rockefeller Center, but we’re not complaining.

27. Creamsicles in Space Smartphone Case ($35): Yes, those are, in fact, creamsicles. Floating in space. And this is just one of the many designs we’re drooling over on Society6.

28. Pretty Little Thing iPhone Case ($40): If you’re as in love with your iPhone as we are, you know it definitely deserves the moniker, “Pretty Little Thing.” We won’t judge you if you actually start referring to your phone by its new name.

29. Wood Print Mint iPhone Case ($19): You can find some pretty perfect cases on Etsy, but we can’t get enough of CSERA’s designs, especially this minimally chic one. Bonus: the cases are 3D printed.

30. Personalized Smartphone Case ($40): A case covered in your best Instagrams is the perfect stocking stuffer for the person who has everything. And Casetify makes it ridiculously easy to show how much you care.

What phone cases are you pining for? Let us know in the comments!