Do moving walls sound like something out of a horror movie? Well, now you can get some of that spooky action in your home with these crazy 3D wallpapers. Online wallpaper boutique Twenty2 and the Pratt Institute have collaborated to create a collection of wallpaper that works just like a 3D movie. At first glance you think something is wrong with your vision, but then put on a pair of 3D glasses, and the walls spring to life, with dancing flowers, soaring ships and twisting trees. Starting to feel sick yet?

You don’t need 3D glasses to enjoy the wallpaper; just like the Magic Eye books, if you stare long enough at the wall, you should be able to notice the effect.

The collection includes five different designs. The pattern titled “Falls” features wavy black and white lines that weave in and out of each other like ribbons blowing in the wind. Interior designer Nadia Shaheen was inspired by her time in Norway to create wallpaper with viking ships, while another designer takes her love of succulents to a whole new (and very trippy) dimension. There’s also “Whee!” — a roller-coaster-themed pattern — and an abstract forest of rippling birch bark.

The wallpaper is available for $58 a yard, making it a little too pricey for your whole house, but it could decorate the walls of the coolest bathroom ever.

What do you guys think of this crazy wallpaper? Too much? Just the right amount of disorientating? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!