We know it鈥檚 not uncommon to find yourself a little strapped for cash in the summer. And it鈥檚 definitely not uncommon to want to work for an additional line of income to fund an upcoming big trip or to be able to afford that one-bedroom apartment you鈥檝e been eyeing and retire from living life with roommates. Getting yourself a side hustle is the best way to put some supplemental money in your pockets. It鈥檚 not always fun or easy, but it can definitely be rewarding.

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With summer in full swing, starting a side hustle is as appealing as ever. Have a beach vacation planned but low on funds? Get a side hustle. Want to be able to take a few Fridays off but worried about missing out on the income from your nine-to-five? Get a side hustle. Going to one too many rooftops for after-work drinks with coworkers? Get a side hustle to pad your wallet, and use budgeting apps like Mint to track your progress. If you share finances with a partner, you can even see where your household could benefit from some added earnings by using Turbo鈥檚 Household Income feature.

Here are some popular side hustles you can start this summer and smart ways to make those dollars work for you.

1. Become best friends with your neighbor鈥檚 dog. With dog-walking apps on the rise, it鈥檚 becoming more and more popular to help out your fellow neighbors by walking their dog when they need it most. Whether it be early in the morning, during the middle of the day when you鈥檙e working from home already, or for an extended weekend, you can likely find some time into your day-to-day schedule. With tools like Rover and Wag, you can sign up to be a dog walker when it鈥檚 convenient for you (good for in between classes and after work). A 30-minute stroll through the park costs a pup鈥檚 human $20 (sometimes more in larger cities), and an hour costs $30.

2. Turn that brain into money. Whether you鈥檙e a recent graduate looking for extra cash or looking to give back academically, there is definitely money to be made. Colleges are becoming more and more selective in who they admit, making parents more motivated to shell out for tutors across all subjects. Tutoring in specific topics can make you good money, but parents are willing to pay the big bucks for SAT/ACT tutors. If you did well on either of those tests, you can leverage that into charging anywhere from $50-$100 an hour.

3. Have car, will travel. If you look at the apps on your or your best friend鈥檚 phone, you鈥檙e more than likely to see an entire folder dedicated to transportation, e.g., Lyft, Uber, Curb, and Via. The trend of ridesharing and on-demand cars is all the rage, so why not capitalize on it? It鈥檚 easy to sign up for Lyft and Uber, with one catch: You do need a car. Once you鈥檙e signed up and ready to hit the road, you鈥檙e able to turn on the app and pick up passengers whenever it makes sense for your schedule.

4. Be your own boss and start your (fill in the blank) blog. It鈥檚 not a simple task to start your own blog and gain a strong following, but if you are a subject matter expert in a certain industry (design, travel, fashion, etc.) and have a passion to share your story, it can be very lucrative. If you鈥檙e passionate about writing in general, you can also look for freelance postings at your local newspaper or an online publication you follow religiously.

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