The holidays are right around the corner, and as much as we鈥檙e all eager to tap into our inner child and celebrate, the season also brings a lot of choices that can leave us feeling depleted, rather than fulfilled. Before the mistletoe, cozy weather and jolliness kick into high gear, November is the ideal time to take a step back and think through plans and goals for the holiday season by doing a cleanse鈥 for your finances.

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Begin your financial cleanse with a few questions: Do you need to let loose or restore yourself? Where do your finances currently stand? Do you need to do a good amount of saving or do you feel like you can spend a little more on family and friends this year? Answering these types of questions will help prioritize not only how you manage your finances but also how you actually spend your money this holiday season. Once you have that figured out, try these five tips to keep you on track.

1. Keep tabs on your spending. This is something you should be doing year round to keep tabs on how you鈥檙e spending your money and where you can cut back, but if you鈥檙e not, it鈥檚 not too late! With budgeting apps like Mint, it鈥檚 easier than ever to track where your money is going and have a comprehensive look at where you鈥檙e overspending. Start doing this and you may be surprised by just how much you鈥檙e spending on, say, eating out every night. Once you鈥檙e aware of where your money is going, you can start looking for ways to cut back in big spending areas.

2. Take a break鈥 fiscally. If you鈥檙e already tracking your spending, another way to get started with your cleanse is trying an all out fiscal fast. Try not spending money for a week and see how you manage. This obviously isn鈥檛 a long-term option, but it may help you realize that there鈥檚 a lot you can do without and how much excess money you are spending each week. It will also help you identify your priorities when it comes to finances.

3. Set new goals. Setting financial goals 鈥 saving, investing, paying off credit cards 鈥 is something that we all do (some more than others), but it鈥檚 an easy way to motivate positive financial decisions. Resetting your goals leading into the holidays can not only help your wallet during a typically high spending season but also set yourself up for success in the new year. Also, it鈥檚 okay to start small and work your way up 鈥 if setting goals is new to you, take baby steps (like cutting back on that daily Starbucks habit, yes, even though it鈥檚 red cup season) before tackling bigger things.

4. Click 鈥淯nsubscribe.鈥 We鈥檙e all guilty of it鈥 subscribing to newsletters for an in-the-moment discount and then never unsubscribing. What you may not realize though is that these constant reminders of shopping in your inbox can be detrimental to your budget. It鈥檚 hard to say no to a new pair of boots when you have three email reminders that they鈥檙e 20 percent off! Also, you may want to unfollow your favorite brands and bloggers on social media, if you鈥檙e easily tempted to buy impulsively.

5. Record your purchase regrets. We鈥檝e all bought that purse or that pair of shoes we didn鈥檛 need but had to have AND we鈥檝e all had that feeling of buyer鈥檚 remorse 鈥 it鈥檚 normal! This sounds scarier than it is, but making a quick list of recent purchases you financially regret will help keep them top of mind when making additional purchases. Put the list in your wallet or purse to help you break the habit of making big money mistakes.

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