When you’re trying to eat healthy, it *definitely* helps to have a few good smoothie recipes in your arsenal. But let’s be real: We make the frothy drinks because they’re supposed to be good-for-you, low-maintenance snacks to enjoy on the go. That’s why, when it comes to quick-and-easy breakfast recipes, a super-simple smoothie with just five ingredients does the trick. Here’s an infographic with 10 of our favorite combos to play around with. Keep reading for guidance on ingredients, portion sizes, and tips and tricks!


Now that you have some combo ideas in mind, here’s what you need to know to concoct the perfect smoothie. First, start with the right amount of liquid. If you prefer to drink your smoothie, start with roughly two cups. Those who want a more spoonable consistency should err on the side of just one cup.

In terms of your sweet factor, these combos call for *lots* of naturally sweet ingredients, like dates, bananas, and goji berries. If there’s more than one sweet ingredient in your smoothie, start with half a banana and a small handful of the other sweetener. If you crave more sweetness, spring for a full banana and add a few drops of liquid stevia (an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener).

Finally, you’ll notice that many of these combos call for seeds, nuts, or nut butters. That’s because all of the above are FANTASTIC sources of vegan protein. Add as much or as little as you like, but be warned: The more of these ingredients you have, the thicker the consistency of your smoothie will be.

Bottoms up!

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