Whether you’re just starting out, on the verge of a breakup or feeling as fresh as these cute Oscars couples, a little adventure in any relationship can go a long way. We all know that living in the city can be expensive and stressful, but these six dates combat the wallet-draining, crowded dates of yore in favor of simple, free activities. You and your SO will see a new side of your own city — and maybe even of each other. Scroll on to inject some creativity into your love life.


1. Find a greenhouse or conservatory. We’re huge fans of The Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago, but there are ample opportunities for frolicking among the flowers. Since most greenhouses are part of municipal park systems, they’re almost always free. They’re also a rare break from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Enjoy all of the beautiful blooms and romantic nooks + crannies you’ll find along the way.

2. Visit a farmer’s market. Bonus points if you try these recipes afterwards! Farmers markets, especially in the summer, are a true slice of life. If you find the right one, you and your S.O. can explore different foods that are locally grown and super fresh.

3. Volunteer! Maximize your time, while benefiting both your relationship and those around you. Whether you’re walking dogs or packing lunches at a food shelter, it’s a win-win!


4. Head to the beach. Depending on where you live, most cities have a body of water not too far away. Although lazing in the sun can be great, spice up a beach date with games and fun drinks.

5. Attend a free concert or a movie in the park. Many cities regularly host concerts and films in city parks for free. Especially in the summer and early fall, these are a great way to reinvent Nextflix and chill nights — while not breaking the bank.


6. Seek out the urban trails. Even if your city doesn’t have designated trails, dusting off your bikes to explore new parts of your own home can bring out the adventurousness in both of you. Plus, you never know what romantic place you might find!

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