Finding a workout routine that you can stick to (and enjoy!) can be tough. Sure, following crazy-inspiring fitness Instagram stars and investing in stylish fitness accessories are no brainers to help you stay motivated, but mixing up how you get your muscles moving can also be seriously inspiring. It can be challenging to find new ways to work our core, build our cardio and do some legit strength training. So we thought, why not kick it old school and take some cues from recess? We talked to the fine folks at MINDBODY app who helped us round up the coolest, most nostalgic workouts across the country to get our sweat on.


1. Throwback Fit: Have a field day and work up a sweat at this New York, old-school gym. It’s complete with classes themed around nostalgic childhood games like dodgeball and capture the flag, which promise to have you feeling the effects all over.


2. NAFAS: When top hits like “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “Oops I Did It Again” were popular, how could you not break out a few moves on the playground? Well, put your dancing shoes back on and tap your way toward burning calories with adult tap classes; or go back to band class and get your rhythm on with POUND, for sweat-dripping fun while playing the drums at this Michigan studio.


3. Sweat Like a Girl: Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most rewarding. And at Sweat Like a Girl, you can work your entire body with Hoop Sweat, a hula-hooping fitness class meant to strengthen your core and be fun at the same time.


4. Rough Recess: This indoor fitness playground in Texas offers uber fun competitions like tug-of-war, to challenge your strength and get your competitive team juices flowing.


5. Vixen Fitness: Skip the plaid schoolgirl skirt (or rock it, whatever), but definitely wear your cardio shoes, because Vixen Fitness is ready to show you the ropes. This Orlando-based studio has a variety of aerial fitness and jump-rope classes that are equal parts fun AND challenging.


6. Jumping Studio: Make your elementary school birthday party dreams come true at this Redondo Beach spot. You can jump and bounce your way to a fit and lean physique with their jumping fitness trampoline classes.

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