The big day is almost here. Woo-hoo! Just one thing 鈥 you鈥檝e yet to pack your hospital bag. You鈥檙e fairly certain you shouldn鈥檛 bring a 12-piece luggage set with you for a 48-hour hospital stay, but even your labor playlist is in better shape than your go-bag list. Yep, packing for 鈥渂aby day鈥 isn鈥檛 exactly easy. Narrow things down with these hospital bag essentials!

pregnant woman packing suitcase

1. Pads: Sorry, there鈥檚 just no polite way of saying it 鈥 tampons are a major no-no right after having a baby. That said, the mega-super-flow maxis that the hospital provides are more like your newborn鈥檚 diapers than what you鈥檇 buy at the store. Grab a box (or several) of your preferred pads before heading off to the hospital. Seriously. You鈥檒l need them.

2. Granny Panties: You鈥檝e been dreaming for months of fitting back into that cute little thong. But the need for pads means it isn鈥檛 quite ready to make its grand reappearance. While your friends are busy telling you that comfy clothes are a post-delivery must, they might conveniently forget to mention that what you wear under them is equally important.

3. Sweats: Speaking of comfy clothes, you might be planning to buy the prettiest PJs possible to look good for your visitors. Just wait until you鈥檝e been in labor for 12 hours and pushed for a few more 鈥 being stylish won鈥檛 be at the top of your agenda. Childbirth isn鈥檛 exactly the cleanest thing you鈥檒l ever do, and no one will care how you look right then. They鈥檒l all be focused on the squishy little bundle of screaming joy you just delivered. It鈥檚 the perfect time to be snug rather than chic.

4. Your Own Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Sure, the hospital will gladly provide these for you. (Just tack the price onto the insurance bill.) But you鈥檙e a fresh mint gel girl, and the standard-issue hospital variety is plain ol鈥 mint paste. Not to mention, you like a dentist-clean, battery-powered brush, and all they鈥檙e offering you is a manual. Your own toothbrush and paste may seem insignificant now. But these tiny comforts from home will make the difference during your stay.

5. Lip Balm: Lipstick? Not so necessary. Lip balm? Absolutely! The dry hospital air won鈥檛 do your lips any favors. Instead of getting chapped and cracked, keep some of your fave balm in your bag. While you鈥檙e at it, toss in your favorite combo body-hand cream.

6. Hair Ties, a Headband or Barrettes: Even if you do have time to take a shower, you probably won鈥檛 be majorly into blowing out your hair. Keep things simple during your hospital stay, and stick to a ponytail or toss on a cute headband to satisfy your style cravings.

7. Extra Phone Charger: The constant stream of 鈥淐ongratulations!鈥 texts and Facebook messages you鈥檒l be getting are sure to drain your phone鈥檚 battery. Make sure that you can keep in contact with friends and family, take a zillion pictures of your new baby and post as much as you want on IG by keeping your phone charged. If you only have one charger at home, buy a spare and stash it away in your hospital bag. It鈥檚 not likely that you鈥檒l remember to pick your usual charger up off of the nightstand when your water breaks.

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