It’s been 16 years since Gilmore Girls first premiered on TV, and obviously a lot has changed since then. Not just in the world, either — if you’ve been with the show since the beginning, that means you’ve gained almost two more decades of personal experience and perspective in life. NBD.

Re-watching classic episodes in the weeks leading up to A Year in the Life‘s premiere on Netflix, we’ve noticed that adult perspective really does have an affect on how you see the show. With the long-awaited four-part reboot coming soon, we’ve been feeling reflective, and couldn’t help but think about how all this life wisdom makes Gilmore Girls even better all these years later.

1. Um, the coffee addiction is too real. Let’s just get this one out of the way — what we thought was a fun social hobby when we were younger has turned out to be necessary for functioning day to day in the world. Gilmores, we’ll never doubt you again. Sorry, Luke.

2. You get even MORE of the references. One of the best parts of GG has always been its rapid-fire use of pop culture references in the dialogue. While at one time it was fun to be like “same!” when Lane *needed* to have the new Belle and Sebastian single, adult us is like “same!” when Lorelai calculates money in terms of how many pairs of Jimmy Choos she can buy with it.

3. Lorelai’s independence. And speaking of Lorelai being the buyer of her own designer shoes with her own hard-earmed money, we’ve gotta say that watching Lorelai absolutely slay at being a business owner and mother and friend and generally be amazing at life as an an adult versus a teenager is a WHOLE OTHER kind of inspiring.

4. Kinda like how you care way less about Rory’s BFs and are instead SO inspired by how smart and hard working she is. Of course we’re totally guilty of obsessing over WHO exactly Rory will end up with. And it’s not that we haven’t always looked up to Rory for her smarts. But having school years and first jobs and growing pains of early adulthood under your belt makes you appreciate her hard work just a little bit more.

5. You can relate a little more to Emily Gilmore. Controversial! Emily certainly didn’t make things easy for Lorelai, and her upper-class snobbery was never really all that relatable. But she was also fierce, funny and took absolutely no crap from anyone. And we love it.

6. Stars Hollow is literally life goals. The Gilmores’ tiny town was always beautiful and charming, but your bigger city sights probably blinded you to the IRL magic of it. Now, we all just wanna get away to somewhere so Instagrammable.

7. You appreciate the fully femaleness of it in a whole new way. Simply put: The Gilmore Girls are magic, and we’re lucky to have them.

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(Photos via Netflix/Gilmore Girls Facebook)