The dog days of summer are here. The end of summer means squeezing in those last few days at the pool or beach, enjoying outdoor picnics and, of course, August babies. If you’re anticipating an end of summer arrival, consider one of these creative baby names that relate directly or slightly indirectly to the month of their birth. Scroll on for some August baby names to think about, thanks to our friends over at baby name site Nameberry.

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Best August-Inspired Baby Names

1. Augusta: This dignified name means “great” or “magnificent” and was once used as the title of honor for wives and daughters of Roman emperors. Nowadays, nickname versions of Augusta like Aggie and Gussie are used.

2. Augustina: Meaning “the exalted one,” the feminine version of Augustus is spotted on baby name lists “Badass Princess Names” and “Best Cool Unusual Girls’ Names.”

3. Augustus: Before you get too teary-eyed, we are warning you, we’re going to reference John Green’s tearjerker of a novel, The Fault in Our Stars. While you pause to dab your eyes with a tissue (“Okay.” “Okay.”), we confess that after reading about the main character Augustus (Gus for short), we fell in love with the name Augustus.

4. August: It’s a unisex name that’s been popular to use for boys and girls in Hollywood. Mariska Hargitay, Lena Olin, Dave Matthews and Jeanne Tripplehorn named their sons August, and country singer Garth Brooks named his daughter for the last month of summer. The French version adds the letter “e” to the end, like famed French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

5. Augie: This adorable short version for August is great for boys or girls. Nobel winner Saul Bellow titled his 1953 novel The Adventures of Augie. You might also remember the lovable nerd Augie Farcques from the hilarious Paul Rudd comedy Role Models.

6. Audrey: Who doesn’t think of the ethereal Audrey Hepburn when they hear this name? Celebs like Greg Kinnear and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have named their daughters this lovely name, which evokes old school Hollywood glamour.

7. Aubrey: Fun fact: Before 1974, this name was solely used for boys, but is now 98 percent used for girls. Actor Terrence Howard named his daughter Aubrey. If you’re a fan of Parks & Recreation, you’ll recognize the name from actress Aubrey Plaza.

8. Gus: Short and sweet, this diminutive version of Augustus is cute in its own right. Dixie Chick Emily Robison and actress Julie Bowen named their sons Gus, and is the nickname for a lot of boys named Augustus.

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