The Denim Trends You Totally Rocked in the ’90s
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The Denim Trends You Totally Rocked in the ’90s

When you think back to the fashion brands you loved in the ’90s, companies like Limited Too and Delia’s probably come to mind — and for good reason. But what about when you needed a new pair of quality jeans? There’s one denim brand that’s basically synonymous with the pre-millennial decade: Jordache. The all-American denim brand has been trying their best to stay current for some time now, and their new celebrity collab may have just finally and officially launched them into the 21st century.

Jorache has snagged Sarah Jessica Parker as the new face of the line. The actress-turned-fashion designer is helping to launch “The Jordache Look” collection, which consists of three capsule collections that are all one-of-kind and American-made. The new styles will include four-way stretch fabrics and classic washes including dark, deep indigo and acid-washed, with prices ranging from $89 to $149. No need to hop into a time machine to snag a pair of these bad boys; they’ll be available through Jordache’s site. You’ll also be able to find select styles at Wal-Mart in mid-July.

This fashion flashback got us thinking about a few other denim trends we couldn’t get enough of in the ’90s – some of which we’d welcome back and some we hope to never see again. To remember what your denim wardrobe probably consisted of 20 years ago, scroll on down.

1. JNCO Jeans: Never a style for the timid, JNCOs were the flariest flares you ever did see. While they did recently attempt to make a comeback, their shorter, more stylish cousin culottes seemed to reign supreme.  (Photo via JNCO)

2. Patches: The more flair the better. (Photo via Meeeow Threads)

3: Flares: We’re betting you paired these pants with that new peasant blouse you snagged at the mall. When done right, this look can still totally work. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.  (via Vintage Easy Style)

4. Embroidery: When patches weren’t quite permanent enough, embroidery was really the only way to go. (Photo via Veg Source)

5. Overalls: We probably don’t have to tell you that these are officially back in style. Bonus points if you rocked the look with one strap undone. (via Etsy)

6. Patchwork Denim: Because sometimes those light washed, low-rise flares just didn’t make enough of a statement, you know? (Photo via Dusty Rose Vintage)

What ’90s denim trend are you guilty of? Share with us in the comments below.