Just like how Grandma always manages to remind you never to pay on a date and always have a chaperone, there are some pieces of life advice that just are not super relevant anymore. But they don’t have to be 60 years old to feel outdated. The ’90s don’t seem all that long ago (especially considering the fashion is still going strong), but after a group of Redditors shared the life hacks they used to swear by back then, we’re beginning to realize just how old we are. Scroll on down to read what key pieces of advice they had to share.

1. “When you get a two-day rental from Blockbuster in the evening, you actually have until the morning of the third day to return it without a late fee.”

2. “If you want to download a song, start downloading before bed. It should be at like 99% by the time you wake up.”

3. “Keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment. If you get into a car accident you can use it to take photos for insurance purposes.”

4. “Save yourself a lot of time and invest in a VHS rewinder.”

5. “Waiting for a phone call and don’t want your parents to hear it ring? Call the movie theater and listen to today’s listings until you get a call waiting beep.”

6. “If your music isn’t playing properly, take a #2 pencil, shove it in on of the holes [of a cassette tape], and turn it for a little bit to skip ahead/rewind.”

7. “Cutting the knees out of your jeans with scissors won’t look authentic until the holes are too big to be cool. Use a belt sander to get that worn-and-torn look without having to wait absolutely forever.”

8. “rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!”

9. “Print out the directions from MapQuest before you go somewhere.”

10. “When leaving your car hide your radio.”

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