Finding a delicious, satisfying, guilt-free snack kind of sounds like mission impossible, amirite? We’re big believers in balance and think completely denying yourself your decadent dessert craving isn’t only unnecessary, it’s just downright silly. But finding an option that both satisfies your sweet tooth AND won’t ruin your diet (unless it’s the chocolate cleanse diet)? That sounds like a win-win, and thanks to Chloe Epstein, co-founder of Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co., that dream is now officially a reality.

Chloe and her team create delicious, all-natural, three-ingredient alternatives to frozen yogurt and ice cream. Their soft serve and fruit pops are made from water, real fruit and just a hint of organic cane sugar. With a booming flagship store in New York City and more than 4,200 retail locations around the country carrying her products, we had to figure out how this #girlboss does it. Read on for a day in Chloe’s super sweet, seriously inspiring life.



6:30am: I roll out of bed and prepare to wake the kids up. You never know what you’ll get with the three of them in the first moments of the day. I put on my morning uniform of active wear, send out those middle-of-the-night emails I have saved in drafts and felt too rude to send and pack my bag.

6:45-7am: The kids start to stir. One is usually bouncing and raring to go, one slugging along and one needs to be physically removed from bed. We plow through their morning routines and get them on the bus at 7:45am.

8am: Time to work out. Depending on the day, it could be anything from Barry’s Bootcamp, Flywheel, Core Cardio or Soul Cycle. I love to mix it up.

9:15am: Race back for our Monday weekly team meeting, which is a call-in for me. I shower and, recently, I’ve been trying to add breakfast into my life by way of a protein shake. It feels like it should be a quick thing, but it’s still taking me a little too long to prepare; I need to work on that. I order my Via and get out the door.

10:30am: I arrive at the office with coffee in hand — decaf iced, no ice. It is arctic in the office. I get a big greeting by the office pups, Rudy and Otto, and then I get settled at my desk and catch up on emails and voicemails.

11:30am: I sit with our marketing team and review partnerships; new, ongoing and future possibilities, go over product activation events, website updates, signage needs and social media tie-ins.

lance bass's pop

1pm: When all goes right and my partner/CEO, CFO, COO and Director of Operations are together, we go over research and development, packaging design, new product tastings (on a good day) and potential new hires. I work remotely for a few days a week, so it’s great when we all get a chance to sit together.

2pm: Contemplate lunch and mumble, “Where does the day go?” about this time daily. Most days, I try to bring lunch to the office so I don’t have to leave. On days where I’m not in the office, I arrange a lunch meeting or slum it at my home office. Always a salad with grilled chicken, hearts of palm and varying other fun ingredients.

2-4pm: I spend this time at my desk or meeting with team members, mostly working on social media calendar and content, PR possibilities and anything else that comes up.

4-4:30pm: I exit the office in a panic that I will be late for meeting a child at home or at soccer, theater or dance. Wherever it is — I can’t be late. Me being late is a big fear my kids have — and I never have been! NEVER! I have to get to the bottom of that one day.

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6:30pm: Ideally, everyone is home and I’ve finished cooking dinner for us. I like to make their dinner while we catch up on their day and the kids start their homework. Depending on the night, dinner and homework duration can vary dramatically. You just never know.

8:30pm: If I’m home, the goal is to have the kids in bed and reading with them by this time, but bedtime has been getting later by the day. I’m working on this one too!

9-9:30 pm: I cozy up with my laptop in bed, put on a guilty TV show (my faves are Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, Odd Mom Out, Ray Donovan and Veep) and get back to work. I’ve missed a lot during the past few hours and have to catch up on emails, social media comments and inquiries and plans for the next day. Bonus: When I get some catch-up time with my husband. Oh and bills… can’t forget those. That’s a late night activity when I’m too tired to focus on work.

11:30pm – 12am: Most nights, I turn the lights out around this time, set the alarm for the next day and check the AC — I like it cold!


Keep it personal. Always remember why you’re doing what you are doing. If your personal touch and passion are the driving forces behind every decision, you’re destined to connect and resonate with others.


“Above everything else I’ve done, I’ve always said I’ve had more guts than I’ve got talent.” — Dolly Parton

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(Photos via Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.)