High-waisted swimsuits are all the rage right now, and for good reason: These suits look amazing on every body type. Celebs like Taylor Swift are even jumping in on the trend. A. Lekay, the talented designer behind the high-waisted swimsuit line Allusions, says she felt inspired to create Allusions after she gave birth and didn’t feel comfortable wearing a traditional two-piece or monokini. She set out to create a suit that hid her imperfections, made her feel at ease and fit her style. The results were Allusions by A. Lekay, a crazy inventive swimwear line that features bright colors and dynamic patterns. Lekay’s newest fan? Nicki Minaj.


Yup, Nicki sported one of Lekay’s designs in the July 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan. Take a peek at Lekay’s designs and see if the queen of rap’s style is up your alley. Lekay’s line has four swimsuit styles, and each style comes in two prints. The “fantasy” design offers a light-colored + whimsical and dark + mysterious version, ideal for finding the fantasy that best suits you.


The two bikinis for the “mirage” style are bright and full of color, with the first featuring a lime-green halter and high-waisted pink, white and black bottoms with side cut outs. The second is red and white striped with teal fringe hanging from the bikini top. They’re both sexy and daring.


The “optical” versions are both one-shouldered and feature white or nude sections paired with bright lime or dark black. Cut creatively, they prove that women can be seductive in high-waisted apparel.


In an ironic twist on her company name, the last category Lekay features is called “reality.” These bikinis feature patterned bandeaus and bottoms with buttons; one black and leopard, the other striped and nude. Each allows you to embrace your sensual side.


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(Photos via Cosmopolitan and Allusions by A. Leakey)