A Stockholm-based studio called Humans Since 1982 has a thing for clocks. They make time-ticking pieces of art for numerous design weeks and the likes of Fendi. But their latest creation, A Million Times, is their granddaddy masterpiece. On a white wall is a grid of 288 white analog clocks, which function cohesively to do way more than tell time. See for yourself:

Amazing, right?! Each of the hands on each clock runs on its own motor, meaning all 576 hands operate independently. Together, the clocks cycle through various patterns and graphics, even occasionally showing the time like a digital clock.

The entire performance, if you will, is choreographed from customized software on an iPad — very clever, indeed.

Before this masterpiece of time and form, Humans Since 1982 created The Clock Clock which consistently tells the time numerically with 24 analog clocks. Minute by minute, the hands swoosh around and land in the perfect position to tell you the time.

Check out more of Humans Since 1982’s work at their website right here.

We love great clock art! Show us some of your favorite wall clocks that break the mold on time-telling.

(h/t The Fox Is Black)