It鈥檚 that time of year again, folks. The time when your favorite budget-friendly store puts together their yearly masterpiece of small-space solutions, affordable furniture and colorful, modern minimalism that will make any design-loving heart melt. While the IKEA 2017 catalog isn鈥檛 actually available until August 8, we chatted with IKEA Design Spokesperson Janice Simonsen to get a sneak peak at some of the top decor trends聽and talk about how you can bring them into your very own home. Whether you鈥檙e looking to organize your life or simply add a little more functionality to your everyday, these six practical, stylish and genius tips will help you finally achieve those #decorgoals. And if you aren鈥檛 sure how to bring these trends home, there are plenty of product recommendations to start adding to your wishlist today.

ELVARLI 3 sections with drawer and shoe shelves
VALLENTUNA sectional, 5-seat

1.聽Flexibility in Living Spaces: A happy living space is a functional living space. You can combine storage, comfort and convenience in every corner of your home with some multi-purpose furniture and storage solutions. The ELVARI storage system can be used within a walk-in wardrobe, in a hallway or as a retail solution.聽The gorgeous new VALLENTUNA modular sofa is flexible for seating, sleeping聽*and* storage.

LIXHULT series
BARKABODA countertop

2.聽Customization: These days, it鈥檚 all about making your living space 100% Y-O-U. Whether that means incorporating your favorite color or adding a bit more minimalist style to your plain kitchen, every little bit counts. The LIXHULT cabinets can be stacked for any number of combinations, depending on need. They鈥檙e perfect for using up corner spaces or between windows. In the kitchen, the BARKABODA countertop can be customized and cut to any length.

KNOTTEN standing desk_2
VITTSJo虃 laptop table

3.聽Multi-Use of Rooms: It鈥檚 all about that work-life balance when it comes to home workspaces. Creating a zone with transitional furniture will let you get your聽work done whenever, wherever. The KNOTTEN standing desk can be used just about anywhere in the home for email or as a standing workspace. The VITTSJ脰 laptop table can also serve as a small desk in a hallway or wherever a tiny office can fit.

Next Point to camera: 460cm Camera high: 156cm
GLADOM tray table

4.聽Meals on the Go: More and more meals are eaten in different areas of the home, or even outside on that small balcony. The TINGBY聽table allows for an instant dining table to be pulled up anywhere. With the GLADOM tray table, you can use the removable tray for serving all over your home.

GR么NADAL rocking chair
INGEF茅RA plant pot with saucer_2

5.聽Bringing the Outdoors, Indoors: As more and more people are moving to urban areas, there is a growing need to connect with nature in that concrete jungle we call home. Using natural materials such as rattan, wood and terra cotta make a home feel earthly and tranquil. For the ultimate garden-inspired lounge area, the GR脰NADAL rocking chair will help you get that secret garden vibe. And to get that IRL garden going, the INGEF脛RA plant pots are just the essentials you need. Bonus points if you paint them to go with your existing color scheme.

IVAR, with shelf labels below bins_3

6.聽Open Storage for Food:聽Research has shown that people eat what they can see. Reduce聽waste and make your kitchen that much more inviting with open shelving and see-through containers. The IVAR open shelving unit is great for all your storage needs, and the KORKEN jars and TILLSLUTA dry food jars are just the things to fill it with.

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