We small-space dwellers are always looking for ways to make our living space more efficient. Because the best way to stay organized and to feel free is when you’re not bogged down by extra stuff, we espouse the tiny-house philosophy and pare down constantly. Our mantra: If you don’t use it, need it, love it, let it go to a good home. One clever way to make the most of a small space is to have everything serve a dual (or even triple) purpose. For example, a wall-mounted table can serve as a place to eat or as a place to work. Here are 22 wall-mounted desks to buy or DIY — many would look great in a kitchen.

Sometimes it’s not about how much stuff you have so much as how much space it all takes up. The scale of a home’s furnishings do a lot to make the space inviting. When acquiring furniture, it’s best to choose small-scale pieces whenever possible. In addition, we know to make use of vertical space. We think higher, not bigger. Walls offer all kinds of creative solutions, such as adding open shelving and even a ladder if needed. Things that are used most often we will keep close at hand, while things aren’t used all the time go up, where they will take up the least amount of space possible. Things will get stored inside and on top of other things — nested. Vertical storage has the added benefit of bringing everyone’s attention up, accentuating the height of the room. This is what gives a sense of openness to a small space.

Getting creative with storage is vital in small living spaces. And that goes for furniture, as well. When furniture can serve more than one purpose, that’s a small space dweller’s win-win. Sarah Dickerson over at Chic Sprinkles Studio built a wall-mounted desk that serves as a home office space for two.

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(Photo via Chic Sprinkles Studio)