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Do you have an amazing, heartwarming or inspiring story about Dad? We want to tell your story in the Brit + Co special Father’s Day Snapchat Discover edition!

Attention Small Space Dwellers! Live in a studio, tiny home, RV or otherwise itty bitty abode? We want to hear how you make it work.

What Was Your Biggest #WeddingFail? We’ve all been there: You’re in or attending a wedding and a major, OMG-worthy fail happens. Let’s relive the craziness together — share your story below for a #weddingfail post that’s in the works.

Share Your WORST First Date Ever: We’ve all been there. Whether you got totally stood up or you watched him pick his nose in broad daylight, it’ll be a little less traumatic if you get it off your chest by sharing all the gory deets with us.

Had a Fairytale First Date? We Want to Know About It! Did Prince Tinder pick you up in a limo and take you on a wine tasting tour of Napa? Whether the relationship worked out or not, those amazing first dates are rare gems that should be celebrated (ahem, and shared)!

What Is Your Favorite Lipstick Moment from Pop Culture? Pucker up, baby. If that scene in The Breakfast Club changed your life (or just your beauty routine) for good, we want to know about it. Click on the Typeform below and share your story with us:

Tell Us ALL About Your Favorite Red Lipstick. Everyone has their signature shade — we want to hear about yours.

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