Withings, makers of stylish activity-tracking watches that are both fashion-forward and tech-forward, figured that the customers they wanted didn’t really read tech blogs. (Too bad they didn’t ask us. We’re obviously obsessed with tech AND fashion.) So, they figured out a different way to get the attention of the fashion world and those who follow it: by recreating Cara DeLevingne and Kate Moss’s famous My Burberry campaign, but with mini versions of the supermodels. That’s right, mini Cara and mini Kate.

Meet Harley Chapman, a ten-year-old whose resemblance to Cara D is honestly freaking us out a little. Okay, Withings, this was a weird way to do it, but you’ve got our attention.

And this is Maya Koski-Wood, a 12-year-old classic beauty who already seems to have this whole modeling thing down.

Not that you could tell from this ad campaign, but the Withings Activité Pop watch does all kinds of cool things, from tracking your activity (including swimming) to tracking your sleep cycles and waking you up with a silent alarm — all with a battery that lasts for eight months without charging. Did we mention they look good? The watches hit the market in March and will run at $150 a pop.

What do you think about this ad campaign? Super smart or super strange? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t via Fashionista)