While you’ve probably been a fan of Sarah Chalke’s since she charmed her way into prime time television hearts as Dr. Elliot Reid on the medical comedy Scrubs, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about the actress. For instance, it might surprise you that she’s Canadian and has a soft spot for ketchup chips, which are a flavor of potato chip you can only get in Canada and are — in this semi-Canadian writer’s humble opinion — kind of overrated. Less surprising: She’s really, really nice IRL. So nice, in fact, that when we recently spoke with her while she was in New York promoting her partnership with Philips Avent, we thought, “This is a person who would be fun to binge-watch Netflix and eat pizza with.”

Access Emanate for Philips Avent

Not that Chalke has a ton of time to Netflix and chill. The working mom of two welcomed daughter Frankie this spring before hitting the road with Philips not long after, and now faces the challenge of not only balancing work and motherhood but making sure both of her children — son Charlie is six — get equal attention.

“That was my concern going into this one,” Chalke said. “I wasn’t worried about the things I was worried about with Char, but about finding the time to make him feel like he’s got his time [with me].”

We grilled Chalke with a series of quick-fire questions covering everything from beauty secrets to motherly wisdom, and her answers might surprise (and delight) you.


B+C: What’s your favorite Lipstick?

Sarah Chalke: Armani 103 ($85).

Favorite Moisturizer?

Innisfree Sudachi ($6). 

Favorite Song?

“Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Taken by Trees.

Last thing you made with your hands?


Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Toads in the hole, with smashed avocado on top.

One thing guaranteed to make you laugh?

My son.

The best thing about being a mom?

Snuggling and bedtime stories.

Most surprising thing about being a mom?

Seeing what little individuals [the kids have] become.

The most important or helpful piece of advice for moms?

To just not sweat the small stuff.

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