The holiday season is a time of joy — and Addie Fausett from Fountain Green, Utah is about to give you a mega dose of holiday spirit. This year, the six-year-old is asking for one of our favorite types of gifts — holiday cards. Wait, you’re prob wondering, why are holiday cards on her wish list and not, say, all Elsa everything? In November, Addie was issued a terminal diagnosis for an atrophy in her brain so her family is asking for a lifetime’s worth of Christmas cards in case this holiday is her last.

Since the family started spreading the word, hundreds and thousands of cards have poured into the local post office according to the organization helping with the project, Children and the Earth. Pretty amazing, huh?

Not only is this avalanche of cards helping to fulfill Addie’s wishes, but the cards are also bringing joy and memories to her family during this difficult time. (While dealing with her illness, Addie and her sisters Shayley, 10, and Audree, 7 are also enduring the recent, unexpected loss of their father. So the endless delivery of holiday cards are bringing smiles to the entire fam. Yes, our hearts are breaking too <3)

Though the cards don’t have to be DIY, it makes them all the more special for this sweet little girl. Don’t you think!? Here are 25 to get you inspired! DIY or not, add Addie’s address to your holiday card list STAT. To send some holiday cheer to Addie and her sisters, address your card to: Addie Lynn and Sisters, P.O. Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632

You can also visit Children and the Earth’s website to help the family pay for Addie’s medical bills + follow along on her journey on Facebook.

Are you adding Addie to your holiday card list? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Today)