Adele’s tour may be over — the singer has cancelled her last two shows due to vocal issues — but it looks like she’ll have a new side hustle to keep her busy. The 29-year-old singer spilled the beans herself onstage Thursday night (a move she’s wont to do — you may remember that time she accidentally leaked her own wedding news at the Grammys), telling fans, “I’ve got a new secret hobby.”

If you’re envisioning that the 15-time Grammy-winner has taken up giving vocal lessons or some other musical-related venture, think again: Adele is — wait for it — making pom-poms. That’s right! The “Water Under the Bridge” crooner is crafting pom-poms.

“I’m quite good at it!” she revealed. “I am such a natural. I made a real cat on purpose!” Impressive, Adele!

If you’re wondering what she does with all those pom-poms, you’ll be pleased to know that she’s actually turned them into a nice little side hustle, with a secret Etsy account to match her secret Twitter.

With no one yet ferreting out her wares, there’s a possibility that each and every pom you purchase from the site could very well be coming from the superstar — though maybe not for long. “I mean I say hobby; it’ll probably only last a few days,” she admitted.

Given the news that her latest shows may very well be her last ever, she’ll certainly have plenty of time to work on her newfound creative outlet. Then again, if her Instagram post detailing how heartbroken she is over having to cancel her shows (the very last two out of 121) is any indicator, we wouldn’t put it past her to stage some surprise shows for any would-be disappointed fans.

Do you, Adele!

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(h/t Hello Giggles; photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)