It鈥檚 about time we took our fave throwback drink pouch and put some punch in it 鈥 and by punch we mean booze, of course! Ziploc bevies (aka adult Capri Suns) are so convenient because they travel well, chill well and don鈥檛 spill or break. They really are the best type of totable drink for the beach, camping or a picnic. You can make these plastic boozy pouches using plain old Ziplocs and save your moola for the liquor in your adult lemonade. Scroll on for nine adult Capri Sun recipes you can make this weekend. Trust that each one is tastier than the last.


1. Ziploc Bag Cocktails: The beach won鈥檛 let you bring bottles, so you must get efficient with your game plan! The Ziploc bags in your kitchen cabinets are the perfect receptacle for an alcohol-induced day in the sun. Throw 鈥檈m in the freezer the night before and you got yourself a slushy. (via Tastemade)


2. Portable Summer Sippers: Don鈥檛 let playing bartender keep you from mingling with friends at your next bash. These sippers are like a grown-up version of a juice box complete with straw, but with a vodka punch. (via Purewow)


3. Portable Margarita Pouches: Turn your next beach or pool day into a Mexican fiesta with these boozy margarita bags. It really couldn鈥檛 be easier. Make up a batch in the morning, freeze them or stick them in a cooler, and keep the buzz on all day long. Your friends will thank you. (via My Crazy-Good Life)


4. Adult Vodka Lemonade Juice Pouch: Like the popular kid鈥檚 drink, these adult-style juice pouches will delight your friends at your next BBQ, especially when they realize they鈥檙e spiked with vodka. Freeze them the night before, and by the time you鈥檙e ready to start sipping, they鈥檒l be deliciously melty. This is one summer cocktail that won鈥檛 get watered down. (via SheKnows)


5. Goldfish in a Bag: Reminiscent of a carnival prize, this gin and tonic is garnished with a grapefruit-peel fish and floating edible 鈥渓ily pads.鈥 Up the ante by making your guests do a ring toss for 鈥檈m. Home advantage goes to this party鈥檚 hostess, of course. (via So Feminine)


6. Adult Capri Suns: There鈥檚 nothing like a vodka lemonade to whet your whistle on a hot day. These drinks have true street cred and are a great way to conceal that party girl personality鈥 or not ;) (via The Not So Starving Artist)


7. Margaritas to Go: You can refresh your drink without missing out on the fun with these make-ahead margaritas. Prepare them assembly-line style with your friends before the going gets good. (via My Crazy Good Life)


8. Janky Bagged Beverages: When you run out of cups, just grab some Ziploc baggies and prepare some cocktails on the go. This ros茅 sangria could not be easier: Just add wine + Sprite + frozen fruit. Or try the Long Island Iced Tea that calls for a shot of every liquor you got. (via Spoon University)


9. Adult Capri Suns聽鈥斅燩ortable Vodka and Pink Lemonade: Now that we鈥檙e adults and have mastered the straw, it鈥檚 time to bring back these portable bevies, starting with a DIY vodka and pink lemonade. Nostalgia never tasted so good. (via I Sing in the Kitchen)

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