There are those celebs who are totally open with the public about their pregnancy (Anne Hathaway and Chrissy Teigen, we鈥檙e looking at you), and then there are those who keep it a very well-kept secret. Just last week, info was leaked that has led us to believe Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have already welcomed their second baby, and now it鈥檚 been revealed that Gilmore Girls鈥 Alexis Bledel is also a new mom.


In a recent interview with Glamour, Scott Patterson (AKA Luke from Gilmore Girls) accidentally spilled the beans about Alexis鈥 pregnancy. He told the magazine, 鈥淸Alexis has] really blossomed as a woman and now she鈥檚 a proud new mother and married and happy. I remember her as an 18-year-old kid, fresh out of college coming into Hollywood and being a little overwhelmed. She鈥檚 just the most likable, intelligent person and adorable human being. She hasn鈥檛 changed at all. She looks the same. We鈥檙e comparing notes because my son is about a year and a half older than her young son. I鈥檓 showing her photos and videos and what to expect. We鈥檙e just really enjoying each other鈥檚 company.鈥

So wait, what?! Was Alexis pregnant during the filming of the Gilmore Girls revival? How old is her son exactly? WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. While Alexis hasn鈥檛 released any sort of statement about the new information, in the interview, Patterson mentions that his son is about a year and a half older than Bledel鈥檚. He became a dad in July 2014, so according to our very scientific calculations (JK), Bledel鈥檚 baby is probably around six months old. Sneaky, Alexis. Very sneaky! But hey, congrats to the fam regardless!

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(Photo via Rob Kim/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)