When it comes to tress trends, they tend to involve either a cut, a color, or both: Think the famous Rachel chop (which Jennifer Aniston didn’t actually like) or interesting new hues, like unicorn or pearl. The latest big thing in hair doesn’t even require a trip to the salon, however: All you need are some stickers.

Allen Thomas Wood, a hairstylist, educator, and extension specialist at Bumble and bumble salon in NYC, has created a *look* using nothing but our favorite childhood stickies (Japanese ones, likely from Books Kinokuniya in NYC, if Wood’s tagging of @kinokuniyausa in the photo’s caption is any indication) on a canvas of slicked-back hair.

But don’t be fooled: It’s not quite as simple as slapping these babies on your head. Since the hair appears to be somewhat damp (dry hair + adhesive sounds like somewhat of a nightmare), Wood noted that they went on rather “precariously,” saying, “some did not stick on as easily as expected — I used the tail of a comb to press them into the hair.”

To be fair, stickers aren’t really supposed to go on hair, but you could be fooled into thinking otherwise given how this style turned out. So far, people seem to love the look, saying things like, “Omg me next,” “Obsessed,” and “THIS MAKES ME UNDERSTAND LIFE.”

With fans this excited, we’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing plenty more of the bestickered look in the near future. Better stock up, kids!

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(h/t Allure, photos via Allen Thomas Wood/Instagram)