Companies are in a race to attract and, more importantly, retain the best and brightest talent for their organizations. Sure, ping-pong tables, free snacks, and generous vacation plans are amazing, but some companies are truly taking their employee benefits to the next level, and we scoured the internet looking for the most exciting perks. Looking to quit your job and find a better one? These incentives just might be amazing enough to get you to apply.

1. Death of the Nine-to-Five: At Netflix, you have the flexibility to set your work hours. The company values freedom when it comes to their employees’ schedules. As long as you finish your work, the hours it takes to finish the project aren’t relevant to the execs.

2. Hitting the Slopes: If you love to ski or snowboard, you should seriously consider taking a look at job openings at Burton. Not only do you get a free season pass but free lessons and access to demo gear too.

3. The Doctor Is In: Imagine getting to see a physician without ever leaving your office building! Cisco has an on-site medical center for employees and their families.

4. Wanderlust:Airbnb gives each employee an annual stipend of $2,000 for personal travel. If you LOVE to see new places or explore familiar ones in greater depth, this is a great way to add to your vacation fund. (No word on whether you need to stay at an Airbnb while you’re exploring the world.)

5. On a Boat:iCracked, the company well known for fixing your busted phone screens, encourages employees to use the company yacht, which is conveniently located right outside their Redwood City office. What a perfect way to unwind after a long work day!

6. Space Mountain Express:The Walt Disney Company really wants their employees (and their friends) to experience the “Happiest Place on Earth.” They give Disney team members free admission to their parks, as well as heavily discounted hotel rates and merchandise.

7. Nailed It: Never worry about chipped nails again! E-learning platform Grovo treats their employees to a weekly manicure every Friday. Oh, and if manis aren’t your thing, they also have an in-house shoe shiner.

8. Free Ride: Hate traffic? How would you like getting paid an extra stipend to cover the cost of letting someone else do the driving? Lyft gives their employees a $130 credit every month to make the commute to the office a whole lot less stressful.

9. No More Spin Cycle: Never do laundry again by getting a job at JibJab. The company lets you drop off your laundry at the office and cleans it for free with a 24-hour turnaround.

10. Deep-Tissue Relaxation:Scripps Health provides a ton of benefits, but getting a free on-site massage is a perk anyone would love getting up early and going into work for. There’s no motivation to get through a tough project like actually wanting to be in the office.

11. Book Club:Zappos has created a library of current top-selling books for employees to pick up and read while at the office. For the athletically inclined, they also have a basketball court, foosball tables, a mini golf course, and workout classes.

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